Monday, 21 December, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Disney Christmas Song ♫

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I can already feel the trill of children when Christmas day arrives knowing they'll be visited and gifted by Santa Claus and their parents.. also knowing that along with wearing on new clothes, lots of fun awaits them too on that specific day. Growing up being taught that Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ itself already adds so much joy to the festival.. :-)

Why not let your kids(big and small) take part in the decorations and preparations of Christmas cookies and let them, the younger ones, learn the other significances of Christmas through these Christmas songs meant only for kids. My daughter Alisha has just enjoyed watching a few as a three year old who now understands something about Christmas and Jingle bells(Santa Claus).. :-)

Happy MM :-)

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Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

Get your family a clear wireless internet this Christmas!

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Most of the times while being online it is frustration times for me due to slow connections and disconnections which has made me try out various internet services but in vain. Right now am using a wireless which never had me satisfied as a customer and i wish i could find one that could say yes "this is it", and recommend it to everyone.

Coming across an internet service site, i noticed it has all we need while being online. The young generation professionals who are always on the move use their laptops for business concerns and find it difficult to work with bad connections. The older generation who spend most their time at home have been using the internet to make money online, and if the connection disrupts any work, frustrations are likely to occur creating a negative atmosphere at home. Don't you think so? What if everyone had a super fast internet that could be just plugged and played!? Its possible with clear wireless clear wireless internet now coming to your stores. You can sign up to have the most high speed internet on your home computer.

Taking into consideration the problems that our families have to go through while browsing the internet i think a clear wireless internet would just be the perfect gift this holidays.

Sunday, 13 December, 2009

Exercise tips to help cope with fatigue and morning sickness

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Its not surprising for pregnant women to experience fatigue and dizziness in the morning.. but this doesn't mean you have to leave yourself exhausted without doing anything. Incorporating light exercise and some fitness rules into your daily routine can help you combat the sickness a bit.

Take a light snack with water or juice just before you begin warming up.
Wear stretchable clothes which makes moving easier for you and don't forget comfortable shoes specially around the heels.
Divide your exercises into sessions and exercise slowly when you do.
You can take brief breaks in-between and never take exhaustion to its peak.
Do not strain and cause your body to move rapidly.
Immediately stop if you notice pains!
You aught to feel better, not drained in the end of exercising, which is when you can slowly increase your exercising or activity levels day by day.

Tuesday, 8 December, 2009

Dine out with your family the unique way

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Would you ever consider a family dining experience way in the northern wilderness? If you haven't yet experienced dining out uniquely then make this wish come true at a resort called 'The Balsams', and remember you don't need a special occasion to dine out. This New Hampshire hotel also is home to a gourmet cooking school. What the school has been known for since opening in 1978 is their quality and care in producing some of the epicurean world's best cooks and chefs.

The resort staff expertise in excellent gourmet skills through a challenging world class culinary school in the same New Hampshire hotel. Of all those who enroll in the training program, few students make it through to graduation. Those who do graduate then assist the appointed resort staff while feeding almost 500 guests a day. But a reminder to men to wear your jackets to the evening dining as it compulsory to do so. I must also tell you that this kind of training is the best of its kind which allows students to excel in a field they would love to be in and would make a special occasion out of any casual one, for families dining at The Balsams.

The chef take good care of the menus changed nightly prepared from freshly picked ingredients direct from farmers. The chefs know what is best for their guests while preparing the gourmet, and the presentable smiling staff serve it to the guests on tables set in d' hôte style!

Monday, 7 December, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Nursery Rhymes - One Two Buckle My Shoe ♫

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One, two, buckle my shoe.. sing along to your kids while they would love to learn to count in a fun away.. Happy MM :-)

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Tuesday, 1 December, 2009

Funkoos Organic Clothing for Babies

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Mothers of kids are pretty adamant they offspring's(no matter the age!) wear clothes in fashion and wont settle for anything the opposite, or less the worth of a good bargain! They are also aware of the problems that arise from inorganic clothes considering the fact how daily choices can impact the future of their kids. These clever moms prefer to shop the latest eco friendly way for kids and adults fashion clothes and its a clever choice.

If you one of those moms looking for organic baby clothes, then try Fankoos who are offering their latest line of organic apparels at great prices. Organic fabric is softer and feels fabulous due to natural farming and manufacturing and is most beneficial for kids. I think its would be best to gift organic clothes to kids up to 24 months. Let me know what you think??

Monday, 30 November, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A. ♫

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Miley Cyrus the teen, is really talented and this video proves it. In the song she is seen moving a few steps to a Jay buzz song when it comes on the radio but in reality when she was interviewed, she states she hasn't heard a single album or doesn't know any of Jay Buzz music. Well, she may not have composed this song but is a beautiful teen singer and song writer as well..

I've posted this as this weeks music monday as this is also a teen blog! Hope all the teens enjoy watching the video as much as my sister will. she is a big Miley cyrus fan and maybe already singing and dancing away to every album of the singers. Happy MM :-)

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Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Web hosting, and its latest ipage promo pricing

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Web hosting makes me want to transfer my blog from a free domain to a paid one but i always feared the consequences if i have no back up for my blogs or what if the server died! There are few reasons am always a bit hesitant to host my blog on a paid hosting and also the less understanding of setting up. But now we have web hosting that does everything for you, so if you think like me just don't worry and read about the latest ipage promo!

The top web hosting provider had introduced iPage Promo pricing. They are a high standard, small business hosting that offers domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, FrontPage help, online community resources and various small business solutions at affordable prices and money back guarantee. Its worth the try. First sign up to know the features for they have lots more to offer like a free account and an instant activation!

Breastfeeding tips in public- would you, or not?

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When is comes to breastfeeding her child, no mother no matter where they are or what the situation they might be, wont hesitate to look for a private space to nurse her hungry baby. I've been in situations like this and always found a ladies change room or a cabin restaurant when am out shopping and dining to nurse my babies. But it continues to be a very sensitive and controversial topic! Even if women are granted their rights to breastfeed in public, they would feel uncomfortable and if they prefer to feed in public they are liable to attract prowling eyes, so its always better to retreat to a private place like a restroom. The duration of feeds of a newborn can be from frequent to longer gaps so we are always unprepared. AT home baby sleeps for hours until he awakes to nurse but when we are outside our homes, anything might disturb him making him wants to nurse. At first all mothers tend to react strangely while out with the child but soon they get in tune at nursing out. Mostly the infant/baby prefers the quietness of his own home and they cant even share the bonding like home.

Few things a breastfeeding mom can do for more comfort

Pull up tops tend to be easier and more discreet than button-front tops, and if you wear one with a wide or square neck then you can look down the top to help your baby latch on.

Once your baby is latched on, you could put a muslin square, baby blanket or large scarf across your shoulder and chest – your baby will hide your tummy, but it might help you feel a little more confident in the early days.

If you have trouble positioning your baby properly when you’re out and about, try either putting one leg across the other to raise your baby up a bit, or keep a small cushion in your car or pushchair basket, so that you can use it to rest your baby on.

Thursday, 26 November, 2009

Here is a vein treatment clinic locator for you!

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Vein problems can be painful in adults. Some symptoms are as below:

Bulging veins, like larger than spider veins.
Swelling of ankles.
Aching, heavy, and tired legs.

Do you also know what causes these problems?
As people inherit this weakness in the structure in their leg veins, it stretches as as person turns older with time. Excessive standing, walking and during pregnancy are times a person is likely to suffer from vein problems.

If anyone in your family suffers from torturous venous conditions, now you have the choice to fix your veins at a clinic rather than a hospital. Have you visited this site helps locate your nearest reputable vein clinic by entering just your Zip code. Like, the Sacramento vein center can benefit anyone living in the sacramento area! It's as easy as typing in your zip code!

Monday, 16 November, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Rain, Rain, Go Away! ♫

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Kids would enjoy these nursery rhymes.. In fact i still sing this when it rains and my kids cant play or we're steeping out of the house and its drizzles. Let your kids enjoy this.. just play it loud on your speakers :-)

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Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

Cradle cap treatments/remedies for your baby

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Cradle cap is very common in babies. You might have seen many newborns with dry, flaky, crusty patches of skin, sometimes yellowish or brownish in color, then its most likely to be cradle cap. Don't interfere with it at all unless severe, like applying oil, trying to rub or scrub it off. It may not look cute but it also isn't harmful and might clear off within 6 to 12 months. This condition might also show up on your baby's ears, eyebrows, armpits and folds but it's then called seborrheic dermatitis unless on his scalp. It's quite common. In fact, should you walk about the hospital beds and cribs in the nursery you'll notice how common this condition is.

It does cause worries to parents but let me tell you cradle cap is not caused by poor hygiene or allergies, but some experts believed it to caused by the hormones a baby receives from his mother at the end of pregnancy. Those hormones overstimulate the baby's seborrheic (oil-producing) glands resulting in this condition. It isn't contagious and would hardly bother baby but would however, itch, if it got severe.

As for the scalp, not necessary you really have to do something but you could try gently brushing baby's scalp with a soft brush or soft towel. You could rub on some pure almond or olive oil and let it soap for few minutes until the flakes loosen, and very gently scrape it out with a fine tooth comb or a soft brush.

Photo courtesy: final step would be to shampoo his hair/scalp thoroughly leaving no traces of oil which would clog the pores. Also never keep oil on his head for long.

A recommendation would be to check with your doctor before you do anything, if at all you aren't experienced with babies. Your doctor might find a solution if the above don't work for the baby :-)

I'll update this post once i find more remedies.. :-)

Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

Rock a bye baby- Your baby's going to love this lullaby

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Baby's troublesome today, is he not sleeping? you may have been wondering what on earth could you do to comfort your little one, so why don't you sing him a cute lullaby today!? Baby's going to adore mama's gentle voice and he'll going to love it. Sing to him everyday and these bonding moments are going to be cherished forever.. :-)

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all

Baby is drowsing, cozy and fair
Mother sits near, in her rocking chair
Forward and back, the cradle she swings
And though baby sleeps, he hears what she sings

From the high rooftops, down to the sea
No one's as dear, as baby to me
Wee little fingers, eyes wide and bright
Now sound asleep, until morning light.

Monday, 9 November, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ The Lion King- Hakuna Matata ♫

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Sunday, 8 November, 2009

United Health One HSA offers health Insurance to families

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United Health One HSA offeres affordable individual Health Insurance to families. Some of the most popular plans are the HSA 100 and the CoPay Select 2500. Protect your families and let them enjoy a health tension free life.

Can i add salt to my baby's food?

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Can i add salt to my baby's food, if not, when can i begin and what quantity?

You mustn't add salt to your baby's food throughout her first year, but babies normally need an intake of less than 1.g of salt during her first six months, which will be met by breast or formula milk. While babies more than 6 months to 12 months need just about 1.g per day, toddlers till three years old kids need about 2.g per day.

Excess consumption of salt could result in baby's damaged kidneys. Also, lead to high blood pressure in the later stages of life, specially in those families with hypertension history.

Follow these recommendations and tips, and all will be fine:

Limit the intake of salty foods in your baby's diet, or avoid adding salt at all to foods while cooking.

As babies are sensitive to taste so endure your baby has 'salt free' foods which don't necessary have to be 'flavor free'. Some steps to make babies enjoy enriching and flavored foods(salt free)

1. Herbs, aromatic spices or garlic- adds flavor and have their own benefits!

2. A little black pepper- good for indigestion

Babies foods like cereals and jar foods already come with low salt content from during the processing itself and should not be confused with foods aimed for older children. In other words, feed foods labeled as appropriate to babies and kids of their own age group.

Read food labels in order to understand how much salt content is present in foods meant for babies and feed them only those that contain salts no more than 0.1g of sodium per 100g. Remember: 1g of sodium is equivalent to 2.55g of salt.

Fruits, vegetables, salads, plain meat, poultry and fish, eggs, pulses and milk are some foods which contain low salt naturally. Don't add salt to rice and pastas while cooking!

Photo courtesy: BBC News, also read the death of a baby due to overdose of salts!

Friday, 6 November, 2009

3 basic tips to tell if your baby is ready for solids.

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Your baby is 4 months and you maybe preferring to introduce solids to him at this age. Whichever month you begin depends on you and your baby's readiness and nutritional needs, but many mothers wait until 6 months which is the actual recommend time. You can always ask your doctor for advice.

Your baby is ready for solids-
If your baby has infant reflux which is a condition when the stomach contents push up to the esophagus, and this causes pain and discomfort, then it might not be the right time to begin feeding as his system isn't ready for solids. So, see if your baby's tongue-thrust reflex has diminished which then helps him to push food into his mouth and not choke on objects, and is it is gone, he is ready for solids.

If his head and neck is firm, because your baby needs a good position to take solids into his system.

His curiosity for foods at the dinner table arises and he tries grabbing then this makes it clear that he is ready for some variants of solids.

If your baby is too small and might be fussy or frustrated on the first day, don't force him, but try the next day or days after and he will soon begin to eat. Remember breast milk is still a first priority to fulfill his nutritional needs(till 6 months) while foods are just a substituteo.

Wednesday, 4 November, 2009

Moving out? here is a useful company that will help you

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Are you moving out? I know how tiresome it is for parents and children. Kids have to adjust to their new homes, environment and schools while parents struggle to make their kids comfortable and encourage them that changes are often part of our lives. Now, the stress does build in before moving out esp the trauma of packing, but now you have the chance to get help from Los Angeles Moving Companies who will provide their customers a stress-free moving experience.

You can be moving across the stress, or no matter where in Los Angeles, use this toll free 1-800-431-3920 to make a call to get a moving Quote in Los Angeles. Don't forget to take a look at their Moving tips!. It wil help in the long run.

Baby and infant games for ages 0-3 months

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If you're reading this post, i assume your infant is aged between 0-3 months and you are looking out for games to play with her. Your baby is now able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel but the senses might be slightly underdeveloped until she turns 6, nevertheless, there are wide choices of games for you to play with baby. This not serves as a fun activity for mother and baby but will help in her further development purposes.

Am your copycat mom, for my visual skills!
Lie your baby in front of you and hold her close facing her at eye coordination, say 20-35 cm away. Stick your tongue out every few minutes, say 15/20 secs, looking into her eyes. Keep repeating this, and very soon you will see her sticking her tiny tongue out at you! Its a milestone(write in down in your journal). Your baby loves to watch your face and this game will help her sharpen her visual skills.

Tickle me purple mom, for my memory skills!
You all heard this rhyme, 'This little piggy', sing to baby and watch her giggle in glee. Lie her down in a secure position, then take her tiny feet or hands in your palms(close to your lap) and begin to touch/slightly-tickle or uncurl her feet or hands as you sing...

Strengthen my muscles, mom!(closer to 3months)
lie her down on her tummy and roll a brightly colored ball across her about 60cm (2 ft) from her body. She might glance at the ball and keep staring, and if in a mood, she will try to move towards the ball. Keep your palms behind her feet which will allow her to stretch. This will help strengthen her neck, arms and muscles.

This Little Piggy went to market
This Little Piggy stayed home
This Little Piggy had roast beef
This Little Piggy had none :(
And this Little Piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way home!

Continue doing this to all her toes, repeatedly, and she may respond with a slight giggle at the end. This will help to improve on her memory skills. As she grows she will love and enjoy this game as one of the best. My kids favorite one too since an infant, and shes 3 years old now! :-)

Monday, 2 November, 2009

Make your way to one of the best coupon stores

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The economic downturn has really affected a whole lot of people i know and they're now spending their money wisely now, saving some for a rainy day or for the future. In my view, its like a sudden trend but very opposite a trend! They're cutting costs very obviously and are have convinced themselves that sales and coupons could help them avail a good bargain. I don't use coupons for some reason i might not know myself but if you are one of those, go for coupons at where the sales are reasonable and are redeemable through their coupon codes which means its automatic. No meed for clicking on the codes in the case of complicated codes or numbers. People often deter from these coupons due the complications of the codes but this is so simple and best for moms or parents. So yes, in case am going to use coupons for my shopping i'll definitely prefer which is so widely well known.

Music Monday- ♫ Nursery Rhymes - Baa Baa Black Sheep ♫

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This is one of the first poems i learnt to say! well am trying to teach 'baa, baa, black sheep' to my younger kid who just turned 3, and waiting to hear her say it fluently. She's going to sound so sweet and my hearts going to melt with love.. :-) Words sound so cute from kids mouths when they're beginning to to speak and say nursery rhymes.

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Saturday, 31 October, 2009

Satellite internet has great deals for you and your family!

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I did read this somewhere on the news sites, that Americans now have access to high speed broadband internet delivered by HughesNet. The things people do on the internet, mails, chats, networking, business networking, it’s so important for everyone these days. Mothers surf the net every now and then to gather information or learn about milestones, their babies would be going through weekly and monthly. Fathers do it for their business purpose whether at home or work. The youngsters do it for research or gaming. The world today cannot be imagined without internet technology!

For the best deal, hughes satellite internet tops the list for now. They're offering a small monthly fee of $9.99 and reasonable for high speed internet which can’t be compared to the other providers. Satellite technology in comparison to dial-up is powerful and doesn't allow any kind of disturbance like phone cuts, signal loss making communication, surfing, shopping and conducting business much easier on the web

If you wish not to use the standard installation yourself though you will be provided with all equipment needed to mount and install your HughesNet system, professional and certified installers are also available to ensure successful installation. So enjoy a happy family internet time with your family.

Friday, 30 October, 2009

Reasons why your baby might bite while breast feeding

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Most new mothers don't understand why their infants suddenly start the biting habit while breast feeding, but not only at breast feeding, sometimes infants try to put everything they get hold off into their mouths. I myself didn't know why when i was a first time mom but was experienced enough to know all about it for the second kid of mine.

This comes with the possibility of teething which is the most common reason and those once contended babies no more remain the same, turning cranky and restless sometimes, 24 into 7. They do it to get the soothing sensation on their gum's and not out of vengeance, so don't worry it would stop soon. You got to find solutions to help him ease the irritation and pain. Moreover, your constant comfort would provide him more relief.

Very rarely this turns out a habit they get out of anxiety so never use it to give into his demands or let others do it to them.

Please come back soon for my teething and biting solutions :-)

Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

Halloween safety tips, and activities for kids

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Halloween being just around the corner, it is an anticipated holiday awaited by everyone, yearly. It’s meant to enjoy with lots of spooky surprises and frightful fun! The excitement could often transpose a little carelessness to parents, furthermore, children are prone to accidents and injures especially after dark on this holiday. Here are some precautions and safety tips parents should practice to avoid tragedies to your celebrations and make this traditional holiday a memorable one. Happy and spooky Halloween folks.. just consider exercising, and advising your kids on these tips and all will go smoothly :-)

The costume the child is wearing should be brightly colored and fitting comfortably, not to long or they might trip over. A best preference would be of flame retardant material. They costume knives and swords should be flexible (not rigid or sharp). A good idea would be to carry a flashlight when trick or treating for security. Carry a watch to check on return time, and a mobile to contact in case a problem arises. Kids should try on their costumes beforehand and practice walking around the house. While wearing a mask, ensure the child's vision is not hidden.

Trick-or-Treating safety
Parents or someone older and responsible should always accompany younger children, or walk around in groups. Houses should be well lit so that kids know they are welcome for candy, and kids should enter only houses. Avoid shortcuts and stay by the sides of well lit streets. Kids should be reminded to look left, right, and again left before trying o cross the street. Carry a watch, and a mobile to contact in case a hindrance arises. Make sure your kids memorize your home number and address or slip in a paper with the details into they pockets.

Candy collected should be inspected by parents before consumed by the kids. They should throw away unwrapped candy, as who knows it could be tampered with. Let your kids help themselves to a fulfilling snack before they take off to the streets as this will prevent them from snacking outside. Goodies, fruits etc should be thoroughly checked and looking exceptional to the eyes before consuming!

General safety hazard tips.
Remove any obstacles out of the yard, doorways and landings, including flower pots, hoses, pets (should be kept indoor) etc.. Use battery powered lights and candles which are preferable to real flame. If candles are used, make sure the cloth decorations are at a distance from the flames. The pumpkins and other lit decors should be kept at a distance from where trick-or-treaters will tread. Kids should be allowed to use sharp knives to carve pumpkins. Though there are safer kids with tiny saw available, they could cause cuts, so the best is to let them clean and draw the face while parents themselves can cut it. Grown ups shouldn't consume alcohol at parties and drive, or a designated driver is advisable, just in case alcohol is served.

Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

Moms, pamper your little one to a luxury bath robe

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Kids often don't like bathing and oh yes, well actually they do love bathing soap getting into their eyes is what they don't delight in. But you can always have fun baths and allow your family a happy bath time together. They so much deserve a towel wrap, don't they? Why not use a luxury a bath wrap once they are out of the shower or bath tub, wiped and ready to snuggle in. Its so much fun and practical too! This helps to keep them warm and they will also regard a bath as an enjoyable activity.

Moms would love wetting themselves while playing blowing bubbles in the bath tub, so take this opportunity to treat your-self to a terry bath robe. It is of gold standard, thick and warm and 100% cotton of course! I believe this would also prove as an excellent gift for your teenage daughter or from a daughter to her mother! They'll adore the unusual gift for sure.

As a playful mother, you could also try the waffle bath robe which is lighter in weight. Lighter enough, for you to carry your darling kids out of the bathroom in case they plan on another bath.

Monday, 26 October, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Nursery Rhymes - Old McDonald ♫

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Haha i remember singing this when i was in lower nursery! oh my god, that was years and years ago.. am waiting, when my younger kid would be saying her rhymes enough for us to love her even more, when she really does.. :-)

At what age did your kids learn her/his first rhyme and what did you reward your child?

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Saturday, 24 October, 2009

Granite undermount sinks for your home and family

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Oh, scrubbing, cleaning and all the effort moms put in to protect their kids from bacterial infections caused by food particles that cling on the kitchen or the bathroom sinks. Most of us are always looking for the fanciful and elegant sinks to make our homes look beautiful but we hardly take interest in their versatility and functionality. When you have kids at home its so much essential to protect them by utilizing environmentally friendly materials wherever the kids would spend ample time. Pamper your kids and yourself to an inherent allure of a quality Undermount granite sink, there would be no other mommy like you in the whole world.

Moreover, Undermount granite sinks are coated in bacteria killing silver ions which kill 99% of bacteria on contact so much safe for kids while in the bathroom! There is always the chance of bacterial infections but no more.Plus, these sinks have scratch resistant, stain proof, and sound dampening. Happy bathroom time :-)

Friday, 23 October, 2009

Let your toddlers and older kids help with minor household chores

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Do you or don't you mind your children helping in the tiny chores at home? i guess most moms with kids aged 3 and above would love help from their kids so as to lessen workload or while engaged with other major chores, yet wont allow their kids to touch a thing for fear of mishaps. All you have to do is interact with them yourself close by or from a distance while they are busy doing the chores to ensure safety(emphasizing on toddlers)

Depending on age, stability, understanding and responsibility your kids would love to interact with you, and the work should sometimes come as an excuse, if always not a necessity. Toddlers who watch their parents peeling, cutting, washing etc etc.. would be eager to splash water around but thinking they're helping you! My daughter once helped me wash clothes and soon there were bubbles and soapy water everywhere, yet she was so happy that she helped her mom. Now kids of this age love being copy-cats of their mothers, so let them do it, provided they don't get in touch with chemicals or other dangerous articles.

Kids older, of course would love doing the vacuuming, washing the dishes or severing the table and a great way of showing them you value their contribution, is to let them do it and also reward them with love and extra play time. Even if they didn't ask to do it, you can always ask for their help. They are not perfect like parents but one can always re-do or add a finishing touch to the tidiness. As a parent you are teaching them several valuable lessons in life which would eventually be of great use to them in their future life and it definitely helps to enhance/boost their self-esteem.

Some moms loved being helped but only to get a nagging refusal from their kids. You cant force kids but can surely get them to enjoy their task!? Please come back to read, ways getting your kids to do household chores, in a few posts from now :-)

Tuesday, 20 October, 2009

Body awareness health tips for women and men

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Are you into body building? This is really tough and needs some supplement boosting. For the body to be able to support this tough kind of training, bodybuilding vitamins containing the right supplements are needed to be taken in order to energize or boost a person while working out.

Do you understand the mechanics of fat burning? It is the main goal of any person trying to lose weight. Being an unusual combination of diet and exercise, this combo should be a part of mans daily routine and especially the person who needs to shed her/his fat before any harm occurs to the body.

Are you afraid of being a diabetic because you have heard that diabetes is a deadly disease? Now you don't have to fear any more, for if you want to live healthy, 'divide and eat' is the slogun you should follow! Here are some ways to prevent diabetes. The links also explains the divide and eat slogun, so have fun eating healthy and wisely.

Monday, 19 October, 2009

Music Monday- ♫ Nursery Rhymes - Hush Little Baby ♫

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Cute video for babies and kids. If your little ones putting up a tantrum, just play this for him/her and they'll be amused with the cute nursery rhyme :-)

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Sunday, 18 October, 2009

Your one stop to the best party and wedding favors

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I still have all the mementos and wedding favors i collected as a kid, while attending parties and weddings of my family and relatives. Most of the wedding party favors those days were hand made with wires, beads, net etc.. and looked very pretty. These days the new generation doesn't have the time to get a favor together as everyone prefers to get their personalized favors ordered to avoid shortage of time and moreover to get access to new designs and themes. You may want to match your party favors with the theme and color of your party so try these pretty personalized wedding favors from this site which will help you to get new ideas for favors and make the coming wedding season a success! Its a one stop shop site to ease your shopping for all kinds of unique wedding favors, and am sure you are going to excite yourself just the way i did. I've already chosen this wedding cake in the image as my personal favorite out of all the other favors! which one is your preference? or do you fancy all.. :-)

Thursday, 15 October, 2009

Follow these tips and keep your children safe from Diwali mishaps

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Diwali, the festival of lights is one day ahead of us and the whole of India will be celebrating by bursting crackers, and feasting, apart from the other traditional activities. Bursting crackers will be always be the most awaited part of Diwali for kids and even grown ups, which can be a little dangerous too.. if you look up the news or read the newspapers the day following Diwali festival, there are always mishaps that have happened due to not being careful on Diwali. So as parents, we have the responsibly to ensure our kids are playing safe no matter how well they can care for themselves. Fire should never be trusted, so please follow these simple tips and have a blast.. coz.. precaution is better than cure :-)

Wishing every parent a wonderful and joyous Diwali with their families and kids...

1. First and foremost, burn crackers and light fireworks in an open space, and a great distance away from any building wall. Make sure there are no combustible and inflammatory articles lying around.

2. Keep a bucket of water or a thick blanket and a first aid kit in hand. It might not seem essential at that point of time, in excitement, but its better than being sorry.

3. Strictly avoid wearing and allowing yours kids to wear nylon or synthetic clothes. Its ok to wear traditional clothes like ghagra choli, saris etc during the puja activities.. but while burning crackers, make sure they change into cotton clothes.

4. Keep your lapped kids in arms and a distance from the crackers. Avoid them from exposure to too much loud noises as they are likely to not enjoy the noises as it is, even their ears are too delicate to withstand the noise pollution. While burning sparklers with them, hold it yourself first, and then let them just hold your hand or the tip/bottom of the sparklers.

5. Supervise your kids while bursting crackers and playing with fireworks, and never leave them alone unless you have other important work to do. In this case, leave them under supervision of a much older responsible child.

6. Jewelery should be strictly avoided apart from synthetic clothes, as we all know metal is good conductor of heat and could cause some unnecessary mishap.

Enjoy the lightened spirit of Diwali with your kids but do keep in mind these useful tips.. Happy Diwali one and all :-)

Gift ideas for new moms and newborn babies

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I remember, when i was a new mom having just given birth to my first born i was quite shocked and excited both at the same time. I couldn't resist gazing into my sons face even while he slept waiting for him to cry so that i could take him in my arms and cuddle him to sleep again. My family and visitors were sensitive to my emotions, they understood what a new mom goes through post delivery, and they often made me feel special by bringing me fresh beautiful flowers. This really helped to divert and relax my stressed out mind and worked out body.

Am sure most of you might have been confused when gifting someone, especially when a new mother is concerned, but most of you need to gift a new mom and newborn sometime in your life, don't you? The things which new mothers would appreciate from her dear ones are the most essential babies and kid’s items. They wouldn't trade anything for their little sweetheart's first gifts, ask me! So, if you are seriously gifting a new mother, select something material for the newborn baby rather then gifting money in an envelope as it doesn't look decent and no matter what the amount, and no matter how many others have already gifted toys to the baby, the mother would still appreciate toys as a wonderful gift for her newborn doll.

I regret not having a pushchair for my son because it would have been so convenient for both of us, so i recommend buying a top model which will last until the baby's is of, at least 3 to 4 years old. Any, one person can buy this special item, for it's the only single item needed for the baby and the close members of the mother's family should plan and work this out.

One more activity instead of a gift would really be so appreciated by the mother, and it would be a great idea to capture wonderful moments of bonding between the mother and her newborn. digital cameras are so cheap and yet you can get quality pictures out of them. These pictures can be stored in secure photo storage on the web and is also the easiest way to exhibit the pictures to your family and relatives through a link! Technology is amazing.. thanks to innovations in digital camera technology

Wednesday, 14 October, 2009

Thinking to start posting music monday next week

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Am thinking to begin posting music monday on this blog because then that would boost my traffic, get me the back links i need very badly and moreover, inflict positive vibes into my visitors on a black monday morning. Music monday is about posting a video every monday, music mainly, as the meme title suggests. I love going through youtube to search for what i could post for the following monday coz its the only time i could get to download and watch a few old/new vids which i wouldn't do for no reason.. hehe.. another reason, for my slow server.

This coming monday i plan to start posting and if i search the web am sure to find lots of mommy and kids music videos, kids would also love to watch.. Even musical rhymes and kids film soundtracks. Please dear readers do come back every monday to be greeted by a new and refreshing video :-)

Tuesday, 13 October, 2009

Gift your family the joy of watching digital satellite tv

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If you are a good parent and spouse, you know what is best for your family even when entertainment is concerned. Your family surely deserves the best, but you could be oblivious to the experiences of watching quality tv yourself and neglecting your family with the same. Give your family and yourself a break from cable tv, a choice which has limitations and total dependency on the service provider, and gift them the joy of watching digital satellite tv . You pay for the channels of your choice only, you get complete control of what your kids should watch and hours of recording for repeated views, plus no cable line disturbances due to bad weather and so much more..

When your whole family plans to watch that much awaited super bowl on television together without interruption but someone comes knocking on your door, most probably a neighbor whose cable connection has been cut away due to the heavy rains and plans to sit back to watch the entire game at your home. Instead of feeling invasion, now watching television with your envious neighbor will make the game more exciting for you and your family because watching tv en direct makes you feel proud for the quality and benefits it provides you with. You got to experience it to feel it.

With dirctv you are able to protect your kids from watching appropriate programs, also keeping a tab on their health and studies whilst you make sure they don't exhaust themselves over the cartoon and kids channel. If you feel your kids less obeying you in these matters, all you need to do is to reinforce some light discipline and for this the individual channel parental code lock system will come to your aid!

Log on to and order your subscription right now to get access to local high definition channels for a price so affordable, plus you can order additional premium services as per your choice.

Monday, 12 October, 2009

The survival of a new born which falls through a train toilet onto the tracks

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Do miracles really happen or is it just co-incidence? I feel Unknown to us, miracles always happen in our daily lives. But sometimes, the lucky are blessed to experience it and somewhere deep in their hearts they feel of great importance that something so rare has happened to them, making it the talk of the town, and conferred a lifetime memory too. Read this true incident that occurred recently in India and let me know your views..

I had been watching this headlines about the birth of a baby on train which people deem as a miracle. This family, a housewife pregnant with her second child, her spouse and their first born were traveling by train when the women suddenly walked of to the lavatory. She probably wanted to relieve herself or rather the sharp pains in her abdomen when suddenly the baby delivered and slipped of into the lavatory bowl and through the flap onto the tracks under the speeding train. The mother jumped off the train to save the baby and injured herself by a fall, she pulled herself up and managed to move towards where the baby had tumbled. Her spouse and others who saw her jump pulled the emergency chain and got off in search of the newly birthed mother when they saw her sitting beside the tracks with the baby in her arms! Admitted to hospital both mother and child were safe and recovering..

I sometimes wonder why people see things without reason.. but scientifically miracles are proven too so i better not let my brains fuse and ask what you think about the incident? :-)

Monday, 5 October, 2009

What is blog advertising and why is it important for websites

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The internet is growing with millions and millions of websites making their way into the search engines so easily, and it isn't so tough to understand how.. Along with being a parent, i am also a blogger who earns easily through my own blog so i can tell the importance of blog advertising. This pregnancy and parenting blog of mine has touched the rank i was wishing for, and here is how it is all done..

People are unhesitatingly investing their hard earned money to build and promote their business sites because they are totally confident on the present world of growing internet technology when blog advertising has beaten out all other ways of advertising.

Let me explain what is blog advertising before i proceed to why is is important to advertise on blogs. Blog advertising is generally a way of hiring bloggers to write genuine and honest opinions and in return they are paid for their work. It is important to advertise on blogs because Bloggers are linked to a network of another blogs, communities, forums and search engines which will very obviously and definitely be very beneficial to the website owners because then they sites will attract plenty of readers who will visit their site through a link provided to the blogger to incorporate in his post or review. The more the owner had advertised his website on blogs, the more chances he will be indexed in the google search engines faster and higher depending on the quality of blogs he has advertised on. It would also be sensible to submit your site to the Yahoo directory to ensure that people searching for relevant keywords on the yahoo search engine will land on your site.

You can visit the link to know all about the importance of backlinks

Sunday, 4 October, 2009

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy danger

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Chances your pregnancy is in possible danger if you encounter the following signs and symptoms. Please call your doctor…

You notice vaginal bleeding or spotting..

You happen to encounter a car accident or stomach injury..

Your hands, feet or face swell up suddenly, and severely..

Sudden or severe, continuous pain, cramps in the lower abdomen..

Your baby’s movements decrease or doesn’t move at all after the 20th weeks..

You happen to feel nausea, vomit or diarrhea which lasts more than 24 hours..

Itching, burning, or some unusual vaginal discharge which are symptoms of vaginal infection..

Temperature rises above 100.4 degrees lasting more than 24 hours..
Chances your pregnancy is in possible danger if you encounter the following signs and symptoms. Please call your doctor…

You notice sores or blisters in your genital or around the genital area..

Vision difficulty or severe headaches..

Light, blurred or spot vision flashes with or without headaches..

Painful, hot, reddened area around calf or behind knee..

Very frequent or painful, burning urination or six or more uterine contractions in one hour before 36 weeks..

Continuous leaking of small amounts of fluid from the vagina or gush of water from the vagina..

A good diet can help to fight the common cold

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A common cold makes us irritable and we often start looking for something that could help could relive the side effects if not completely rid ourselves from a cold in an instant. We all know that no diet can avoid us from catching a cold but everyone should also be aware that when a cold attacks, a good diet can help to fight the common cold by decreasing the irritation caused by a stuffy nose and sore throat, and can also lessen the duration of the cold.

Drink plenty of fluids, like anything hot or cold. These liquids help to thin the mucus allowing it to run or flow out of your nose and body more easily.

I would also like to advice you to look up the links to find out more about a good diet to fight a common cold and if you are new the world of internet, i also advice you to read understanding how to get your site online and everything else you need to know regarding it.

How to cope and combat fatigue during pregnancy

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Get into bed earlier than the usual time because the night will find you waking up several times, and rest during the day. If you are a working women, give in to your body’s needs and take a nap of 15 mins while on your way to work, or during your lunch break find an empty cabin and rest.

Eat your dinner few hours before you lie down or sleep to avoid or reduce indigestion and heart burn which can result in fatigue.

Working women should take it easy, arrange to take work home or work lesser hours. Stay at home moms and others are always luckier to find time for rest, but not always, so try to cut out or lessen your social commitments and get some help for some of the house work and to look after the kids while you find time for a sound sleep.

A deficiency of calories in terms of iron & protein can cause fatigue Also, a pregnant body needs a healthy diet which consists of 300 extra calories a day! Healthy Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, skim milk, and lean meats are energizing while junk foods are a big no. Fruits and yogurt will also do you good while too much intake of caffeine should be avoided. Drink plenty of water to ensure you remain hydrated.

Including some regular light exercises into your daily routine during pregnancy can decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. A brisk walk, breathing deeply or stretching your legs gently could be a good initiative.

Its advisable not to pressurize your pregnancy for unnecessary commitments or in stressful situations, but remain happy by occupying yourself in less strenuous activity.

Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Massage benefits for infants, babies and children

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They say its never to late than never! The proverb means a massage in indeed a crucial part towards baby's development whether you begin at early age or later. Whenveer you begin, the results will be lasting.

Here is how massages can benefit your baby/child:

Provides a special time of communication that fosters love, compassion, and respect
Improves general well-being
Provides an intimate time for children to confide in parents
Improves overall functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
Promotes relaxation and helps babies self-regulate calm, which reduces crying
Helps to normalize muscle tone
Improves circulation
Enhances immune system function
Improves midline orientation
Helps to improve sensory and body awareness
Enhances neurological development
Helps baby/child to sleep deeper and more soundly
Helps to increase oxygen and nutrient flow to cells.
Improves respiration
Helps to improve pain management; can relieve discomfort from teething,
Helps with congestion, gas, and colic
Enhances release of hormones in the body. The growth hormone can be stimulated which helps weight gain.
Reduces levels of cortisol, the stress hormone
Provides all of the essential indicators of intimate parent-infant bonding and attachment: eye-to-eye, touch, voice, smell, movement, and thermal regulation.
Stimulates all of the physiological systems. Massage sparks the neurons in their brains to grow and branch out to encompass other neurons.

Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

My Disclosure Policy

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This policy is valid from 22 September 2009

This blog contains my personal views and opinions and is written and edited by me, alone. No content shall be copied, downloaded or printed, unless stated in writing by me. For questions about this blog, please contact

Some parts on this blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers(my) own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

To get your own policy, go to

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009

35 years and over, some special issues for women to consider while planning to have a baby

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It is not surprising know that most women who are aged 35 years and more have successful pregnancies and healthy babies with minimal complications. However, there are some risk factors every women needs to be aware of –

1. The ability to conceive (fertility) changes with age, but at what rate and age, varies from women to women. The number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries supposedly aged 35 and over or even 40, and those eggs ability to become fertilized and grow into embryos declines.

2. High blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placenta abruption, chromosomal problems in babies with result in birth defection are some of the complications women aged 35 and more are likely to encounter, and this is because the risk of miscarriages is higher in women as older as they are, when they turn pregnant.

Age shouldn’t discourage a woman in her mid 30’s or more from trying to get pregnant but because these possible complications could cause increase risks and so one should always take advice from your doctor.

Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

Mommys, try out these celtic designs yourself today!

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When i was young i always tried stitching with my own hands, i mean not with a machine though we had one, but what i most loved stitching were designs on a cloth. I think i always knew i'll be a home maker so i tried my hands at things which i knew would come useful to me one day. Today am not only a homemaker but also the heart of our family for they love me doing all the multitasking i can! I also know many other mommy's out there who love stitching and they also making a living out of their creativity and artistry, so here i would like to recommend you a place which exhibits captivating designs and will make you want to know how to stitch those designs, so here it is, the site which excels in Celtic cross stitch designs.

I was amazed as i landed on the site for the designs were so unique, what we rarely get to see and if we get to see then only in those huge showrooms where expensive cloth is sold! but now my dear mommy's you can get to stitch those beautiful designs yourself but going over there, and they will teach you. There is also a stitch craft blog and some books offering to show you the magic! head over to view it yourself :-)

Thursday, 3 September, 2009

My deep concern for my baby's illness this month

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I've just returned to blogging and writing days after Alisha, my little Almost 3 years old was down with fever, cough and other ailments like vomiting, diarrhea at different times during the month of August. Being a mother it was my responsibility to care for the little one as my first priority even though i know my passion for blogging is beyond realms. I haven't even updated my other main personal blog much the whole of last month but it can understood that i was a more concerned mom of a little sick girl as the monsoons caused us additional worries. Alisha, was too weak by a diarrhea and dehydration which started off as a fever and cold. We had to check her up twice by the doc because while she recovered after the first visit, days later, she took ill again and this time for worse.. In a few articles from now, i'd like to post on my experiences and some advice and information on a toddlers illness especially vomiting and diarrhea because i know how panicky a parent would get if she/she saw her child in a helpless state, and not only would the parent be panicking, the child would panic too.. :-)

Saturday, 15 August, 2009

Students can get paid for their work while parents guide them

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As parents we all want our kids to study as much as possible but are also aware of the money making opportunities which are easy and genuine on the internet, which we should encourage to some extent. As a mother i don't think its a bad idea, that while our kids are able to do some research on their studies on the web, they may also be allowed to try some new ways of earning revenue. It isn't harmful in any way but this is only recommended to kids that are come of understandable age or kids over 18. Our kids at this age don't need to be told what to and what not to be doing, yet they're our kids and we will always guide them. So if you think your kid is a brilliant student, i recommend an online community where Students earn money just having to showcase their unique writing abilities, and they can also develop and profit from them, at

It helps you to publish and share your school papers and research with the easy to use tools, helps to search and research while you can additionally generate some revenue of your own!

Sunday, 2 August, 2009

Colic, infant gas and reflux's symptoms and treatment

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It said that mothers knows whats best for her child and every time her baby cries, it is her who consoles the baby the best way no body else can. Shes is determined to find solution's and remedy to every problem that arises and all with the help of mother nature. No matter how strong a mother is, Colic can scare a person of their wits when it happens to her baby.

Many of us already known how often our babies cry with colic pains and it can be very devastating for the entire family who witness the baby's suffering. But for those new parents who don't have knowledge about colic and other acid problems should you read this article, am sure it will help you a lot to understand your babies cries.

What is colic?
Colic is what occurs to baby as abdominal pains or babies cramps especially when the digestive systems are growing. These mostly occur in babies that went through difficult birth or either sensitive to cows milk and are bottle fed.

symptoms of colic acid
baby cries for long periods despite efforts to console
signs of abdominal bloating and gas discomfort
occur during same time day or night, often after meals
hard tummy, clenched fists, arched back etc..
irritable, fussy and sleepless

Infant reflux or baby acid is the backward flow of stomach contents into the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach). Human milk is more easily digested by babies and also baby's breast fed experience less severe reflux episodes artificially fed ones. Human milk is highly recommend because of easy digestion and emptied twice as fast from the tummy, which avoids irritation to the esophagus.

Gas makes its way into the digestive systems of babies the every first time they drink either breast or formula milk. Some gas-producing foods, such as cruciferous vegetables and legumes which are passed on from mother to baby can cause infant gas drops which can be of little discomfort to them and this is because the baby’s immature digestive system is unable to cope effectively and still developing and learning to functionally digest.

A recommend medicine is a Homeopathic Medicine, an effective safe and natural way for colic relief.. It is a FDA Regulated Medicine and Completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, citric acid, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products.

Saturday, 1 August, 2009

Colic, infant gas and reflux's symptoms and treatment

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It is said that mothers know whats best for her child and every time her baby cries, it is her who consoles the baby the best way, no body else can. Shes is determined to find solution's and remedies to every problem that arises and all with the help of mother nature. But Colic in the form of discomfort and pain shouldn't be taken easy and should be treated the fastest and best way in our babies, all with the help of our mother's and mother nature, again.

Many of us already know how often our babies cry with colic pains and it can be very devastating for the entire family who witness the baby's suffering. But for those new parents who don't have knowledge about colic and other acid problems that occur in babies, should you read this article, am sure it will help you a lot to understand your babies cries.

What is colic?
Colic is what occurs to baby as abdominal pains or babies cramps especially when their digestive systems are growing. These mostly occur in babies that went through difficult birth or are either bottle fed or sensitive to cows milk.

Symptoms of colic acid
babies cry for longer periods despite efforts to console.
signs of abdominal bloating and gas discomfort.
occurs during same time day or night, often after meals.
hard tummy, clenched fists, arched back etc..
irritable, fussy and sleepless.

Infant reflux or baby acid is the backward flow of stomach contents into the esophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach). Human milk is more easily digested by babies and also baby's breast fed experience less severe reflux episodes than artificially fed ones. This is one of the reasons Human milk is highly recommend because of easy digestion and being emptied twice as fast from the tummy avoids irritation to the esophagus.

Gas makes its way into the digestive systems of babies the every first time they drink either breast or formula milk. Some gas-producing foods, such as cruciferous vegetables and legumes which are passed on from mother to baby can cause infant gas drops which can be of little discomfort to them and this is because the baby’s immature digestive system is unable to cope effectively and is still developing and learning to functionally digest.

A highly recommended medicine is a Homeopathic Medicine, an effective safe and natural way for colic relief.. It is a FDA Regulated Medicine and Completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, citric acid, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products. Wish all you moms an easy motherhood, and all your babies a colic free babyhood.

Thursday, 30 July, 2009

Where can new parents find good furniture for their kids rooms

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Parents who are having a new child on the way often dream of decorating a room for their sweet little new member who they've cared for so much, while in the mothers womb. They would obviously want to bestow the same love and affection on their baby by welcoming it into a delightful world, a world of fun and comfort. But now the confusion is where would they find a good furniture store to purchase excellent and comfortable furniture, and here i come to their rescue by recommending them to a modern furniture showroom which not only sells furniture for comfort, but for play, and for every activity for stages from a new born to a grown up! you will find modern play tables, contemporary rocking ponies, unique baby stools just to name a few.. and lots more! Just check it out.

Milmueble specializes in high-end modern furniture and contemporary home furnishings manufactured in Spain. Milmueble furniture is offered exclusively by eRoomService in United States and Canada. Milmueble products are known for their extraordinary designs and European craftsmanship. Milmueble award-winning products are truly in a class of themselves.

There is only one place to purchase authentic Milmueble products, eRoomService is an exclusive Milmueble dealer in United States and Canada.

Thursday, 16 July, 2009

Clothing and activity advice for parents of toddlers and babies

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Mommy's of the today's world, don't we know how much fun it is to be a part of the Babies and toddlers daily life as they go on to entertain us, and not to forget keeping us on our toes all day caring for them.

How do you feel when you watch your toddlers play in their imaginary world? doesn't it make us want to give them the best of all the toys in the shopping mall so that it helps to enhance in their motor and other development skills, or don't you want to see your toddlers get settled into a room filled with lovely comfortable Nursery furniture so that they are able to utilize their own space independently which will help them to nurture themselves into independent adults.

I strongly recommend you get your child engaged into activity centers which can provide a much needed breather for new parents as entertaining a new baby can be exhausting. These centers are designed to confine an infant to a designated space and allow them to explore and play in a safe environment.

New parents, remember your babies and toddlers are growing as quickly as you couldn't ever imagine with each passing month so it's advisable to select Toddler clothing which are a little large in size, go for button less clothes to snap of and on and which don't need ironing in a hurry.

Babies are naturally curious. Little hands and feet quickly find places they were not meant to explore. Babyproofing and home safety your home is essential to keeping your child safe and ensuring that you as new parents are able to maintain your sanity. It's important to evaluate your home for potential hazards before your child is crawling and walking. Many items can be safely moved out of a child's reach. Other items, like electric cords, stairs and kitchen appliances will need to be properly outfitted with safety mechanisms to protect inquisitive tots from injuring themselves.

Safety stair gates are very important if you have a crawling toddler because chances are there that the toddler can fall, so its safe this way to install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Saturday, 11 July, 2009

Dont forget your sun tan lotion on your visit to the beach

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You know this is the time of the year when families love going to beach to bask in the suns Warmth. It's never gets tiring to watch the kids play ball while you relax reading your favorite novel not to forget tanning of your skin.

Apart from the daily beach lovers its also those families who want to hit the summer months, i mean it's also an essential activity to visit the beach during the hot summer months for almost every family who reside in the countries where four seasons take place. Sometimes the beach visitors may want to apply a suntan lotion for skin tanning but as you all know a lotion for your skins protection is always an essential product too.

The visit to the beach is not and will never be complete without a sun protection lotion for beach lovers so don't forget to carry it with you.

For those mothers who want to re-invent their pre mom days but if this sound funny don't blame me for am sure every mom wants to look as young as possible even in theirswimwear!

Friday, 3 July, 2009

What you should know about saline and silicon breast implants

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Women who run under the scalpel without gathering or searching for information about the product or procedure they're to undergo, often land up disfigured and depressed throughout life. These days you are provided with information on the web, do a research and then dive in the pleasures of trying to look your best.

Saline Breast Implants contain an outer shell of silicone within which the saline solution is placed. The new and improved silicone gel implants have the same outer silicone shell within which is a new cohesive silicone gel. Unlike the old silicone implants, which were more like a liquid, the new cohesive gel implants act more like a solid than a liquid holding together uniformly while still retaining the natural give and feel of natural breast tissue. This gelatin - like cohesive silicone gel is much less likely to leak, rupture or tear as compared to the older traditional silicone implants and, the implant does not leak even when cut in half:

Most plastic surgeons and patients agree that the new cohesive silicone gel implants have a more natural feel and are less likely to produce rippling than saline breast implants. The cohesive gel implant, however will require a slightly larger incision to allow placement.

So take care friends and be careful, there will be a lot of quacks trying to rob you off your money but you do your best to save yourself and look good too. :-)

Thursday, 2 July, 2009

New moms could consider a new look for their home coming with baby

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Parents, women and even teens who are considering a change in your home for your selves or for your kids, there is never any time specific time of the year or any occasion where you can surprise your loved ones and your children with a new change of look and feel to their rooms. Creating the warmth of your home depends on your mood, when you feel it's time to shower your beloved ones with a surprise. You are not always doing this for them but yes, once in a while can help them feel and cherish the love you possess for them. The Contemporary Furniture store can help you decide your theme and what is best for your likes.

There is also a urge for women to do up their homes for the new arrival and i tell you it's the best time ever for a women to enter into her old home but with a new and different look. Especially the warmth within it would make any mother feel die for. To get more information about furniture's, go here to

Wednesday, 1 July, 2009

Dr Fisher2- Makeover for parents, teens and women

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There is a lot of talk going on about plastic surgeons who excel in gifting make-overs to a person. When i talk about this the late Michael Jackson comes to mind and i feel saddened by his sad demise. The pop stars kids too come to mind and especially the dangling of the baby from his balcony. I thought people make a huge issue about it because he was a humble man and always cared for his fans. He was a parent too, a father who was just exhibiting his infant to his fans down his balcony. Now it was the medias job to ridicule a parent careless and clumsy, and they did it with ease!

I feel all those allegation drove the pop star to keep transforming himself from his original image to what he had become. Had the pop star been under the observation for his treatments and surgeries by a surgeon with expertise, he wouldn't have to go through such a painful journey of life and finally such a grief stricken death. So, if there is anyone wanting to do a make-over, then visit the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Doctor Fisher. He is extremely proud that he was chosen as the very first surgeon to inaugurate the concept of reality plastic surgery television shows. As the series was initially developed, no one anticipated the enormous success of the concept, and that other spin off network shows would follow suit.

Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

Parents can continue to work whilst on camping trips with kids

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It's the season for camping with your kids as kids love this activity when sleeping under canvas, having to visit an outdoor bathroom is concerned. It's all fun for the kids but parents setting aside their work schedule to be able to spend time with the kids could hamper some of their business. Parents you have no more to worry about for you can find easy access to work through the internet with some below your budget netbooks. This small lightweight netbook computer can be your saving light while you are on the move and at the same time accessing the internet.

Along with your other essentials, we all know the beachwear is what we cannot do if we are really going to spend time on the beach or make it a part of our camping trip. Parents can place their resting spot under a shady umbrella and connect to the internet in comfort while even keeping a watchful eye on their kids. You do in all in one, work and have fun while you camp along with your kids.

If we have to do a price comparison of all the camping equipment one requires for the trip, then one will realize that spending less than £200 on a netbook means saving a huge loss and one wouldn't have to tag along their bulky traditional laptops fully loaded with power and memory that simply isn't needed for many web application.

Keeping track of your baby through pregnancy weekly

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Once you've found out your pregnant, it's time to focus on the trimesters apart from the health and other factors. Trimesters are different stages being monitored in pregnancy, and now is the time you can chart out a journal to keep track of your visits to the doctor or ultrasounds at different stage of your pregnancy.

This allows weekly monitoring is to ensure everything is going on fine with you and the baby and if any problems should arise, it can be spotted at the earliest to minimize the risk of further complications.

Wont you love hearing your baby's first heart beat or being alert to the first kick of tender limbs? This weekly monitoring helps to enjoy every weekly change that takes place within your womb as the baby grows, and you can write them down as memories. Your doctor will also be able to estimate your due date correctly through this chart.

So moms, take your pregnancy to a heightened stream of enjoyment and write a journal of your growing baby's activity, and others stages of growth.

Submitting your site to web directories

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When i had created this blog site i had to begin submission to web directories for inclusion of this site. If i hadn't, probably Google would ever know my blog existed and wouldn't index my site. This is how i get all my visitors here who either search for keywords like pregnancy, parenting, childbirth, kids, etc... Though i haven't linked my blog site to other sites, it still ranked pr2 which means indexing of ones site is very very important.

A web directory lists web sites by category and subcategory based of the whole web site rather than just keywords or individual pages.

Newbie's who enter into the web world have lots to tell the world, they create web sites, publish a whole lot of content but don't submit to search engines or web directories for their sites to get indexed by those search engines. When a site owner completes building his/her site it's very necessary for them to submit their site to a free web directory because that's how one would gain traffic/visitors to his/her page. Who would know your blog does exist if you don't take the final step? They would be oblivious to your wonderful content and that for sure would make you wonder, because its obvious you may want to share your ideas, opinions and perceptions to the world. So come on, do the needful and submit to DMOZ where your sites finds it's way with the links of the same or other categories. The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources. This web directory is somewhat related to a huge reference library, hierarchically arranged by subject. Before they include your site into the directory it's evaluated by the community of volunteer editors. To submit to the Open directory you may want to read the instructions before submitting your site to save you from further hassles and confusions.

The other directories you could submit to is the Yahoo directory and the Jasmine directory