Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

Mommys, try out these celtic designs yourself today!

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When i was young i always tried stitching with my own hands, i mean not with a machine though we had one, but what i most loved stitching were designs on a cloth. I think i always knew i'll be a home maker so i tried my hands at things which i knew would come useful to me one day. Today am not only a homemaker but also the heart of our family for they love me doing all the multitasking i can! I also know many other mommy's out there who love stitching and they also making a living out of their creativity and artistry, so here i would like to recommend you a place which exhibits captivating designs and will make you want to know how to stitch those designs, so here it is, the site which excels in Celtic cross stitch designs.

I was amazed as i landed on the site for the designs were so unique, what we rarely get to see and if we get to see then only in those huge showrooms where expensive cloth is sold! but now my dear mommy's you can get to stitch those beautiful designs yourself but going over there, and they will teach you. There is also a stitch craft blog and some books offering to show you the magic! head over to view it yourself :-)