Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

How to train a dog for the new babys arrival to the house

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Ive written about preparing the new baby sibling for its home coming, and here is another one about how you should baby proof your dog! aha.. i know when a new members arrives in the family humans are not the only little jealous or too inquisitive over a tiny moving body. Even pets are as curious, and for that matter the most curious is a pet dog. :-)

Some dogs love their masters to death, and the masters love them too. They allow their pets to sleep on their beds, eat meals with them so how would the dog react and what must be done before-hand to ensure a safe household for baby. Especially if its your first baby.

1.A few months before baby's arrival, the training for new rules and routine for the dog should begin. Set up a quite place for the dog in a corner, put in his favorite items like his bone, his dish etc.. this for him to get used to retreating into quietness, when baby cries could get his attention.

2.Some dogs get too playful with their master and can be too rough, but when baby's to arrive, some precaution has to be taken. If your dog is already familiar with your common commands, fine tune him to obey not to jump, scratch, bite, chew on, etc etc..

3.Rewards are acceptable provided its done only for the dogs good behavior, especially around the baby. This way he understands between what he appreciated for and what he is not.

4.Check the dogs for fleas or any insects and if he is infected, treat him immediately! Also keep checking the dog is free of fleas even while the baby is in the home.

When the baby's home-

1.Involved your dog in experiences with the baby, like playing games with a ball. Maintain the level of interaction between them, and never leave them unattended or alone.

2. Don't make a fuss with the dog where baby is concerned, but also don't ignore or your dog will get furious!

A full effort to train dogs should be made by the expectant parents so that the dog can adapts easily and will react positively towards the new member.

Dental marketing can be easier for you now

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Go across the web and you will notice clones of Dental Marketing sites. The same designs, the same rushed template layouts. Doesn't it look a bit disrespectful especially because the dental industry and the dental professionals are being represented poorly.. but here, Digimax is different. Its an award winning-programmer that would work for any person in the dental practice.

Working in diverse sectors of industry, for over 10 years now, they have established an expertise in creating professionally high quality work for their customers.

They are real designers and quality is a top priority to them. They stand apart from others firms to create unique work that truly represents and supports the dental practice.

They produce high-end print work at their on-site print facility and can function as the outsourced marketing partner for almost anything design, print, web, search engine, and exhibition-related. They have everything you need and are dedicated to showcasing you and your dental practice with the respect and design innovation it deserves.

So what do you think? If you practice dental, you could go a long way because the people deserve a dental firm that looks and feels relaxing and you deserve a business growth, because you care for them!

Single mother to be, by choice or not; and ways to deal with the problems faced during this time

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Has anyone ever thought what a single mother would face while shes nurturing a new born in her womb... There are already so many single mothers to be, and i would definitely like to take you all into the world of that not so lucky women who wont be having a loving husband beside her when she needs love, care and support the most. Some of them by choice, some have no option. Sometimes a husband who works out of town leaves his wife to take care of herself. Some women have the support of the father but sometimes the father isn't willing to marry, sometimes the mother isn't willing to marry. . So either ways, the women is alone and has to bare her baby as a single parent. Here are factors the mother-to-be needs to deal with, especially when society and health is concerned.

Firstly dealing with family and society: Your family maybe against your decisions to have the baby alone or even against your pregnancy, but you should to try and know their reasons and deal with their objections in a sensible way. You have to either accept their disapproval or just ignore it when you have no choice. This is about you and your baby, and this is your decision right?

Your society or work place can be a nosy bit sometimes. Just bother to only answer questions and talk about things your are comfortable with regarding your personal life to those who are truly concerned for you. Not everyone is genuine when it comes to being a little too friendly in your society or work place :-)

Secondly, you are not alone and have preparing for baby alone is quite a task. Decide who would be with you during labor or how would you get there. Chose a trustworthy friend to be with you while in hospital or during times you need a helping hand, someone who is experienced, most importantly. Book two ways of transport, in case one fails, the other would be available for you to be taken to hospital in the absence of a near one.

There wouldn't be any issues at the hospital as the nurses and doctors should treat patients equally, whether a single or married mother. If you face issues, face them firmly and only stick to what your reasons for being in hospital are.

Thirdly, bringing home baby after the delivery is a challenge to any single mother. From handling the hospital discharge papers, to handling baby alone would be tiresome and mostly confusing. If the baby's father isn't with you, this calls for help because you've just given birth and you deserve all the rest possible for a week or two. Let your family members take over some of the responsibilities if they are willing to, don't hesitate to ask for any help from them. If there is no family member's available, consider hiring a help until you're back to shape.

Your personal worries:
The times have changed, if you're worrying about how would the child have to face the reality of not having a father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc etc.. Your close ones(your friends, close relatives) could take on an important part in the upbringing of the child. Let them be as loving and giving and take on an active role in the child's life. Am sure the child wouldn't miss out on anything if a mother, the closest to the child is there always with him/her :-)

Hmmmm.. i guess for your legal concerns, a lawyer would be a sensible decision, don't you think? but if you are a single parent.. we would all love to know how you handled the situation as a mother-to-be and after :-)

Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

White themes and furniture's for your families bright happiness

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Furniture's for a home! That's what every mother, wife loves when decorating a home comes into mind. Parenting not only means to focus on kids behaviors but also dealing with other living aspects of their lives. Homemaking isn't complete without an excellent decorated home where you and your family live in admiration for that home. Sometimes a family takes a new home or thinks of re-decorating the old home and needs a theme for their space. Let me help here! I think furniture's in soft colors, matching or in contrast to the walls would definitely give an amazing touch to the home. Choose something different this time, choose white as a theme! That's the purest color that could match well with walls of soft color, giving your home a bright finish. Kids would love to dwell in bright homes! A dull or dark colored home wouldn't go well with the kids. My kids love the walls brightly colored too :-)

I can imagine a white bed cornered near lemon colored walls, and white floral curtains dancing to the tune of the gentle breeze. Below is a picture of the perfect white bed for the perfect white bedroom and the site which sells white furniture online also has a huge section that contains a huge collection of white beds from Europe and other places. Must visit there to think about getting some lovely furniture for your rooms. There would be plenty of ideas to decorate your living rooms, your kitchen and dining rooms and also your gardens.

Talking about gardens, i already began to admire some excellent modern and well designed furniture for my garden. Wouldn't that look fabulous when in contrast to the greenery everywhere. Imagine your bliss as you sit comfortably in your garden enjoying a hot cup of tea and snacks and your kids playing away in glee. That would be pure delight to watch, and a reason to capture in our hearts forever :-)

Am also sure the entire process of re-decorating to a new theme would definitely produce positive results and enhance your kids performances as he/she gets brighter!

Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

Thanking everyone who is a part of this blog :-)

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Now that i've included some topics to be discussed about on this blog, ive got lots to think and write about which i really enjoying doing. I love posting information that's going to be of use to the people who visit my blog. I really wish they would find all the info out here.. so i decided to talk about topics like health and homemaking and all the other women and child issues too, and I know most of these are still under parenting, after all.

Health of a women is also important for her to maintain the rest of her family. A healthy woman, a healthy family. A women is also hardly completely happy without kids and homemaking. I guess like me, many moms/women out there love doing both jobs equally.. :-)

I wish everyone comes to join this blog too and be a part of it just like my other blog, at Nishas world :-)

Thanks to all my readers who have already been visiting here..

Monday, 6 April, 2009

New collection of toys and barbie dolls for kids/adults

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Welcome to Barbie dolls 50th collection, just arrived for all the lovely young ladies out there waiting to take barbie in her hands and play with her. Here are the newest collections and best sellers which already looks so attractive, and this range isn't that expensive, yet so wonderful for adults to keep as collectibles.

Barbie Alice in Wonderland
AUD $45.00
For the barbie in wonderland, you and your kid get to experience the extraordinary world of Wonderland through barbie herself! The doll set captures the timeless whimsy of the beloved tale of Alice’s adventures through a topsy-turvy world and the colorful cast of characters she meets along the way. This beautiful Barbie doll wears a blue ruffled dress and comes with that magically smiling sidekick, Cheshire Cat.

Barbie Empress of the Golden Blossom
AUD $199.00
Wow, now you two mother-daughter duo get to accompany the Empress of the Empress of Asia, the Golden Blossom Empress. The doll wears an opulent gown of pink and golden brocade, inspired by a glorious fantasy of exotic Chinese costume. The noble peony motif is elegantly featured in the lush fabrics. A golden headpiece crowns the intricate hairdo, decorated with lovely faux flowers and birds.

Barbie Marilyn Monroe
AUD $69.00
Do you want our very own Marilyn Monroe to be a part of yours and your daughters toy collection? She is the latest debutant doll in the Blonde Ambition Collection, a series celebrating the blondes we all love and admire. The doll wears a flawless golden gown inspired by one created for her by American costume designer William Travilla. This doll looks like the kid version of our sophisticated, stylish and sexy Marilyn Monroe!

Barbie - Wonder Woman
AUD $55.00
This barbie, comes as the wonder women in her signature costume with fabulous accessories including a "golden" lariat, headband, arm cuffs, red boots, and a red, white, and blue cape. Just look at that perfect heroic pose!

Now do you already want to get your hands on those dolls? Don't wait for a special occasion to gift one to yourself, just go to their website and buy those doll idols. Every doll is going to fascinate you and your child and sweep you off the floor, and remember there is always a reason to celebrate with your kids!