Friday, 6 November, 2009

3 basic tips to tell if your baby is ready for solids.

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Your baby is 4 months and you maybe preferring to introduce solids to him at this age. Whichever month you begin depends on you and your baby's readiness and nutritional needs, but many mothers wait until 6 months which is the actual recommend time. You can always ask your doctor for advice.

Your baby is ready for solids-
If your baby has infant reflux which is a condition when the stomach contents push up to the esophagus, and this causes pain and discomfort, then it might not be the right time to begin feeding as his system isn't ready for solids. So, see if your baby's tongue-thrust reflex has diminished which then helps him to push food into his mouth and not choke on objects, and is it is gone, he is ready for solids.

If his head and neck is firm, because your baby needs a good position to take solids into his system.

His curiosity for foods at the dinner table arises and he tries grabbing then this makes it clear that he is ready for some variants of solids.

If your baby is too small and might be fussy or frustrated on the first day, don't force him, but try the next day or days after and he will soon begin to eat. Remember breast milk is still a first priority to fulfill his nutritional needs(till 6 months) while foods are just a substituteo.