Saturday, 29 March, 2008

Tips to stop a baby from crying

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You've tried everything possible, rocking, cuddling, singing, walking but nothing seems to interest your baby. Now what? you are already so tired and frustrated, you could yell your lungs out! But hey wait.. Babies tend to get moody and bored just like adults! They need that constant attention/checking or something to divert their minds..

Always keep in mind these tips below

Isn't it normal for babies to cry?
Of course it is normal. They also need to say something, don't they? Its their way of communication, they need you to understand them but sometimes parents don't understand their babies needs, and things get worse.

He may need you to check his basic needs
He maybe hungry so try giving him a feed. That dint work then he could of messed his diapers, check that out from time to time as babies hate being soiled and wet. He could have been overfed, burp him. Put him on your lap or shoulder and slightly rub his tender back. There could be the possibility of illness.. call your doctor for advice.

Try something different to divert baby's mind
Go out in your garden and point out to the birds, trees and anything that attracts his attention. Imitate the sounds of the birds and other animals for him, while making faces. Put on your TV(any kids channel), some amusing music, you hairdryer or the vacuum would work the best. Let him hear the noises and he'll start to wonder what on earth is that?

Leave him alone for a while once you checked on all his basic needs
Sometimes babies need times for themselves, they need to discover their own world. Leave baby cushioned alone in a safe place and attend to the chores near him. Maybe he'll cry for a while and stop but don't forget to keep checking him every five minutes.

Baby should be amused by now.. you've done everything possible to quieten him and you deserve his laughs. Why not play peekaboo with him?? My baby loves this game:)

Thursday, 27 March, 2008

Some funny pictures to make your day

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Please god dont let mommy and daddy dont get home now, its time for our feasting on jam tarts!

How boring, my baby sitter hasnt arrived till now, shes the only one to understand me!

Hey how ya like my new hair style? i paid a huge amount for this hairdo.. dont ya dare laugh at me!

Oh no, theres something in here! am scared and curious at the same time!

Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Tips on getting baby to sleep throughout the night

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New born babies sleep for about 6 hours during the night but without any fixed pattern of sleep.. toward the end of the first year, the baby can sleep for a maximum of about 10 to 12 hours. Though you cant do anything to control a new born's pattern of sleep, you can regulate and teach him to sleep throughout the night continuously, as he grows.

Give your baby a toy as a security:
This toy can act as a security for baby when mums not around. Make the toy mum scented by keeping it near you for sometime. Give your baby this favourite blanket or stuffed toy during sleep so that the smell of mum on the toy can reassure baby that mums near him when he awakes up in a start during sleep.

Teach him to differ day from night:
Give him his last feed/meal for the night at a certain time daily and when ready for sleep switch off the lights. Start to create bedtime routines at night.. reading, taking a warm bath, changing into pyjamas, singing, rocking and darkening the room. During the day there wont too much of darkness which will help him distinguish day from night.

Day time meals should be different from night:
When baby awakes for feeds during the night, don't talk or sing a lot, try to keep the quiet and sleepy atmosphere. Don't even switch on the lights unless he has messed up himself so that baby gets aware that it isn't playtime. Make day time feeds more lively and treat as opportunities to coo, sing, talk to, and interact with your baby.

Older babies should fall of to sleep on their own:
As your baby grows he will fall off to sleep during feeds, play time, singing or cooing while in your arms but gradually as you see him drowsy, but yet not asleep put him down while still continuing to love him, he will associate falling asleep with these emotions and will fall to sleep on his own.

Continue to put your baby down sleepy, but awake, and soon he'll get the hang of it.

Monday, 17 March, 2008

10 Essential Nutrition tips for babies

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Every mother wants her baby enjoy his food and eat well. family meals are a good idea but you got to take care to understand the needs of your inncocent baby as babies are keen on being involved with anything around them, even the family meal.

Here some of the best tips i can offer:
Breast milk is the perfect food for a baby, it contains all the nutrition your baby needs for the six months, with the added bonus of antibodies and other properties important to baby’s health and development.Health authorities recommend that you breastfeed your baby for at least six months if possible.

Infant formula is the only suitable alternative to breastmilk.It is modified to meet baby’s needs and must always be mixed according to the directions on the container.

Babies don’t need to start on other foods until they are ready which is normally around the age of six months.The ideal first food is a baby cereal mixed with baby’s regular milk, followed by fruit and vegetable purees introduced one at a time. In the beginning baby needs to be offered his regular milk (breast or formula) before he is offered solids.

Introduce lumpy foods after three to five weeks of pureed food.Gradually make it more and more lumpy because this will help baby learn to chew even if she has no teeth. Add finger foods to baby’s diet around about eight months.By the time baby reaches her first birthday she should be eating regular family food with some modifications.Ready made baby food in cans, jars or frozen is ideal as an occasional meal but is not suitable for everyday use.

Keep meal times relaxed, offer baby a variety of healthy choices and never force him to ‘eat up’.If he is hungry you can always offer him more.

Babies don’t need sugary foods, salty, fatty foods or fast foods.Low fat foods are also not acceptable, baby needs nutritious choices.

Soft drinks are not suitable for babies or toddlers.Milk and water are all baby needs with occasional juice drinks, watered down 50/50.At meal times baby should be offered water to drink.

Iron and calcium are important nutrients in a baby’s diet.Iron can be found in breast milk, lean meat, chicken, eggs, fish, legumes, fortified baby cereals, wholegrain cereals, dried fruits and dark green leafy vegetables.Calcium is found in breast milk and infant formula, dairy products, calcium fortified soy products, tinned sardines and salmon.

Learn to read the labels on food you buy in the supermarket.Ingredients are listed in order with the greatest quantity first.If you find ingredients you would not normally put into your baby’s meal then don’t buy the product.

Be careful when you prepare the family’s food.Always wash your hands before handling food and keep raw and cooked foods separate.

healthy breakfast recipes for toddlers

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Serve your Toddler healthy and nutritious breakfast foods! But hey! You got no time and a fussy toddler, just like mine? Below are a few recipes that need a few minutes of your busy schedule and your toddler will have breakfast in glee. Feel free to substitute any ingredients you feel may be inappropriate for your Toddler!

TOASTED EGG SMILES - Yummy and Fun Toddler Egg Breakfast!

Prepare a Frying Pan with either pats of butter or non-stick spray.
1 Slice of Bread, 1 Egg, 1/4 c Milk, Small slice of cheese

Take the bread slice and cut out 2 circles for eyes and a longer curved hole for a mouth below the "eyes". Butter one side of bread and lay in warmed frying pan, butter side down.

As bread begins to fry, Scramble egg and milk together (OR you may simply crack a whole egg over the bread in the pan without adding milk or scrambling).

Pour scrambled egg over the bread. Flip bread/egg when the egg showing thru the "eyes" and "mouth" becomes firm.
Fry for another 5-10 minutes depending on your cook top temperature.
Prior to taking out of pan, place a strip of cheese over the "eyes" and let melt to give your toasted egg smile some "hair"

helping dads to bond with babies/kids

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Often it was the dad who missed out fun times with theirs kids but now a days dads are more reluctant to spend more and more times with them.They are realizing the importance of interacting and bonding with their it a child's nursery event or a soccer game, they are rushing to be with their kids on the special days.

It was in the past that excited fathers waited anxiously for the birth of their children but dint have much to do except attending classes with the pregnant mother or getting ready the babys nursery.They hardly involved themselves with the baby excpet whern the child was old enough to interact with them.It was entirely up to the mother to care for the baby but days are changing and fathers are more than ready to help out with caring for baby, changing dipers, helping the new mom to bath baby and just ready to do anything for the new born who just stares away at the anxious and excited dad.

Some quick tips for early bonding include:
Changing diapers and clothes - have fun with it and talk to your baby as you are doing it! Hearing your voice and laughter will help with bring you and your baby closer.
Playing with your baby. I like playing peek-a-boo with my new son. You would think he would get tired of it, but he would love it if I do it all day!
Get involved in the feeding process, you may need to wait a bit if your wife is breastfeeding though
Even young babies like to hear your voice, if you don’t like singing songs (’rock-a-by’ ‘hush-little-baby’ etc), reading short stories are another idea.
As they start becoming older start to open up and develop your ‘inner child’ around him or her and be involved in thier play and learning