Monday, 12 October, 2009

The survival of a new born which falls through a train toilet onto the tracks

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Do miracles really happen or is it just co-incidence? I feel Unknown to us, miracles always happen in our daily lives. But sometimes, the lucky are blessed to experience it and somewhere deep in their hearts they feel of great importance that something so rare has happened to them, making it the talk of the town, and conferred a lifetime memory too. Read this true incident that occurred recently in India and let me know your views..

I had been watching this headlines about the birth of a baby on train which people deem as a miracle. This family, a housewife pregnant with her second child, her spouse and their first born were traveling by train when the women suddenly walked of to the lavatory. She probably wanted to relieve herself or rather the sharp pains in her abdomen when suddenly the baby delivered and slipped of into the lavatory bowl and through the flap onto the tracks under the speeding train. The mother jumped off the train to save the baby and injured herself by a fall, she pulled herself up and managed to move towards where the baby had tumbled. Her spouse and others who saw her jump pulled the emergency chain and got off in search of the newly birthed mother when they saw her sitting beside the tracks with the baby in her arms! Admitted to hospital both mother and child were safe and recovering..

I sometimes wonder why people see things without reason.. but scientifically miracles are proven too so i better not let my brains fuse and ask what you think about the incident? :-)