Tuesday, 15 September, 2009

35 years and over, some special issues for women to consider while planning to have a baby

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It is not surprising know that most women who are aged 35 years and more have successful pregnancies and healthy babies with minimal complications. However, there are some risk factors every women needs to be aware of –

1. The ability to conceive (fertility) changes with age, but at what rate and age, varies from women to women. The number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries supposedly aged 35 and over or even 40, and those eggs ability to become fertilized and grow into embryos declines.

2. High blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placenta abruption, chromosomal problems in babies with result in birth defection are some of the complications women aged 35 and more are likely to encounter, and this is because the risk of miscarriages is higher in women as older as they are, when they turn pregnant.

Age shouldn’t discourage a woman in her mid 30’s or more from trying to get pregnant but because these possible complications could cause increase risks and so one should always take advice from your doctor.


ChoosingBabyGender said...

This has always been an issue and I do agree with Nisha that the number of egg decreases as age increases.

Some of the other factors includes the lifestyle that you are leading as well as the dietary intake each and every single day.

As a general guide, to increase your chance of conceiving at 35 or above,

1) Avoid Trans fats, artery clogging fats found in many commercially prepared foods

2) Take more vegetable protein as compared to having animal protein

3) take multi vitamins that contains both folic acid and Vita B and drink water instead while avoiding sugared sodas.

Hope this helps ^^