Wednesday, 4 November, 2009

Baby and infant games for ages 0-3 months

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If you're reading this post, i assume your infant is aged between 0-3 months and you are looking out for games to play with her. Your baby is now able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel but the senses might be slightly underdeveloped until she turns 6, nevertheless, there are wide choices of games for you to play with baby. This not serves as a fun activity for mother and baby but will help in her further development purposes.

Am your copycat mom, for my visual skills!
Lie your baby in front of you and hold her close facing her at eye coordination, say 20-35 cm away. Stick your tongue out every few minutes, say 15/20 secs, looking into her eyes. Keep repeating this, and very soon you will see her sticking her tiny tongue out at you! Its a milestone(write in down in your journal). Your baby loves to watch your face and this game will help her sharpen her visual skills.

Tickle me purple mom, for my memory skills!
You all heard this rhyme, 'This little piggy', sing to baby and watch her giggle in glee. Lie her down in a secure position, then take her tiny feet or hands in your palms(close to your lap) and begin to touch/slightly-tickle or uncurl her feet or hands as you sing...

Strengthen my muscles, mom!(closer to 3months)
lie her down on her tummy and roll a brightly colored ball across her about 60cm (2 ft) from her body. She might glance at the ball and keep staring, and if in a mood, she will try to move towards the ball. Keep your palms behind her feet which will allow her to stretch. This will help strengthen her neck, arms and muscles.

This Little Piggy went to market
This Little Piggy stayed home
This Little Piggy had roast beef
This Little Piggy had none :(
And this Little Piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way home!

Continue doing this to all her toes, repeatedly, and she may respond with a slight giggle at the end. This will help to improve on her memory skills. As she grows she will love and enjoy this game as one of the best. My kids favorite one too since an infant, and shes 3 years old now! :-)