Thursday, 16 July, 2009

Clothing and activity advice for parents of toddlers and babies

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Mommy's of the today's world, don't we know how much fun it is to be a part of the Babies and toddlers daily life as they go on to entertain us, and not to forget keeping us on our toes all day caring for them.

How do you feel when you watch your toddlers play in their imaginary world? doesn't it make us want to give them the best of all the toys in the shopping mall so that it helps to enhance in their motor and other development skills, or don't you want to see your toddlers get settled into a room filled with lovely comfortable Nursery furniture so that they are able to utilize their own space independently which will help them to nurture themselves into independent adults.

I strongly recommend you get your child engaged into activity centers which can provide a much needed breather for new parents as entertaining a new baby can be exhausting. These centers are designed to confine an infant to a designated space and allow them to explore and play in a safe environment.

New parents, remember your babies and toddlers are growing as quickly as you couldn't ever imagine with each passing month so it's advisable to select Toddler clothing which are a little large in size, go for button less clothes to snap of and on and which don't need ironing in a hurry.

Babies are naturally curious. Little hands and feet quickly find places they were not meant to explore. Babyproofing and home safety your home is essential to keeping your child safe and ensuring that you as new parents are able to maintain your sanity. It's important to evaluate your home for potential hazards before your child is crawling and walking. Many items can be safely moved out of a child's reach. Other items, like electric cords, stairs and kitchen appliances will need to be properly outfitted with safety mechanisms to protect inquisitive tots from injuring themselves.

Safety stair gates are very important if you have a crawling toddler because chances are there that the toddler can fall, so its safe this way to install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.


marveling said...

i agree, we went to Phil last month and bought the kids some things but they are a little bigger..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely post. I want to buy my daughter some toddler climbing toys. Do you know of a good place where I can buy them?

jenie said...

very true, my li'l anya's not little anymore=(...way too fast for me!!!

BTW nish, thanks so much for the warmth of ur comment. maybe you have facebook,add me up

BluePixo said...

Play changes considerably as the toddler's motor skills develop; he uses his physical skills to push and pull objects; to climb up, down, in, and out; and to run or ride on toys.

A short attention span requires frequent changes in toys and play media.Toddlers increase their cognitive abilities by manipulating objects and learning about their qualities, which makes tactile play (with water, sand, finger paints, clay) important.

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Patrice said...

Great parenting advice. I'll use them as a reference in taking care of my toddler. Thanks for sharing.