Sunday, 29 November, 2009

Breastfeeding tips in public- would you, or not?

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When is comes to breastfeeding her child, no mother no matter where they are or what the situation they might be, wont hesitate to look for a private space to nurse her hungry baby. I've been in situations like this and always found a ladies change room or a cabin restaurant when am out shopping and dining to nurse my babies. But it continues to be a very sensitive and controversial topic! Even if women are granted their rights to breastfeed in public, they would feel uncomfortable and if they prefer to feed in public they are liable to attract prowling eyes, so its always better to retreat to a private place like a restroom. The duration of feeds of a newborn can be from frequent to longer gaps so we are always unprepared. AT home baby sleeps for hours until he awakes to nurse but when we are outside our homes, anything might disturb him making him wants to nurse. At first all mothers tend to react strangely while out with the child but soon they get in tune at nursing out. Mostly the infant/baby prefers the quietness of his own home and they cant even share the bonding like home.

Few things a breastfeeding mom can do for more comfort

Pull up tops tend to be easier and more discreet than button-front tops, and if you wear one with a wide or square neck then you can look down the top to help your baby latch on.

Once your baby is latched on, you could put a muslin square, baby blanket or large scarf across your shoulder and chest – your baby will hide your tummy, but it might help you feel a little more confident in the early days.

If you have trouble positioning your baby properly when you’re out and about, try either putting one leg across the other to raise your baby up a bit, or keep a small cushion in your car or pushchair basket, so that you can use it to rest your baby on.