Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

Halloween safety tips, and activities for kids

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Halloween being just around the corner, it is an anticipated holiday awaited by everyone, yearly. It’s meant to enjoy with lots of spooky surprises and frightful fun! The excitement could often transpose a little carelessness to parents, furthermore, children are prone to accidents and injures especially after dark on this holiday. Here are some precautions and safety tips parents should practice to avoid tragedies to your celebrations and make this traditional holiday a memorable one. Happy and spooky Halloween folks.. just consider exercising, and advising your kids on these tips and all will go smoothly :-)

The costume the child is wearing should be brightly colored and fitting comfortably, not to long or they might trip over. A best preference would be of flame retardant material. They costume knives and swords should be flexible (not rigid or sharp). A good idea would be to carry a flashlight when trick or treating for security. Carry a watch to check on return time, and a mobile to contact in case a problem arises. Kids should try on their costumes beforehand and practice walking around the house. While wearing a mask, ensure the child's vision is not hidden.

Trick-or-Treating safety
Parents or someone older and responsible should always accompany younger children, or walk around in groups. Houses should be well lit so that kids know they are welcome for candy, and kids should enter only houses. Avoid shortcuts and stay by the sides of well lit streets. Kids should be reminded to look left, right, and again left before trying o cross the street. Carry a watch, and a mobile to contact in case a hindrance arises. Make sure your kids memorize your home number and address or slip in a paper with the details into they pockets.

Candy collected should be inspected by parents before consumed by the kids. They should throw away unwrapped candy, as who knows it could be tampered with. Let your kids help themselves to a fulfilling snack before they take off to the streets as this will prevent them from snacking outside. Goodies, fruits etc should be thoroughly checked and looking exceptional to the eyes before consuming!

General safety hazard tips.
Remove any obstacles out of the yard, doorways and landings, including flower pots, hoses, pets (should be kept indoor) etc.. Use battery powered lights and candles which are preferable to real flame. If candles are used, make sure the cloth decorations are at a distance from the flames. The pumpkins and other lit decors should be kept at a distance from where trick-or-treaters will tread. Kids should be allowed to use sharp knives to carve pumpkins. Though there are safer kids with tiny saw available, they could cause cuts, so the best is to let them clean and draw the face while parents themselves can cut it. Grown ups shouldn't consume alcohol at parties and drive, or a designated driver is advisable, just in case alcohol is served.


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