Thursday, 2 September, 2010

Have you been to an online casino?

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Have you been to a real casino? I know a lot of people living in the USA, who haven't yet been to the real casinos for some reason or restriction, but talk about the Casino gambling site as the best resource for trustworthy online gambling on the Internet. They accept USA players from all American states and along with the bonus's and other benefits you can avail, they also assist you with 24 hour online support as well. Visit the site if you might like to visit the listed portals to get a better understanding of the offers, and various features. They are reviewed, and ensured with reliability.

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010

Ramadan activities for kids, parents and teachers

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Almost a billion people observe Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During the month, Muslims fast (do not eat) from sunrise to sunset. In the evening and in the morning before the sun comes up, they eat small meals. During this month, they take extra time for family, inner reflection, and spiritual growth. Every family who participates in the fasting has a child or children who also take part in the observations. A child may or may not fast depending on his ability(age)- but they can however, engage themselves in other Ramadan activities. Crafting special projects for Ramadan is a good idea and is fun... lets check it out... even for teachers!

Charity Decorated Jar

Ramadan is that time of the year to rememer most the poor and the needy.
Charity is a big part of the celebration of the month of Ramadan. Ask the
children to bring a jar. Explain to them that in the jar they will collect coins
for the whole month of Ramadan. Help the children decorate the jar, using
colorful stickers of their choice. Let them collect coins in it , either from
their allowance or make an arrangement with their parents to give them
some of the change they have in their pockets, every day.for the remainder
of the month. At the end of the month, let the children count the change
and give it to the mosque or any other charity organization that helps those
in need.

Moon Project

For younger children,

As we know Ramadan begins and ends with the birth of the new moon. This project will be a
good one for preschoolers.

1- Let each group of children (4-6 children in a group), work together to create a night sky on
a black or dark blue construction paper. If they can draw stars by themselves, let them add stars,
or let them stick on stars (the self-sticking kind) or a combination of both. They can use white,
yellow, gold, or silver crayons, pencils, or markers.

2- Create a moon for every group or let them do it, if they can cut a circle in a white construction
paper. You may also use a black construction paper then color it white or silver to represent a
full moon.

3- Slice each moon into 6 pieces, they will be crescent shapes. You may cut the moon into two
halves first, then each half into three pieces. Number these pieces on the back
to remember which piece comes next. Remember that each half moon takes seven days to
develop. It takes two weeks to develop into a full moon. Each piece will represent a stage of
the moon.

4- As you go through the month, ask the children to observe the moon every night from the
first day. When they come to the class ask them to use glue or better to use velcro
to stick the first piece (crescent) on the night sky background. Every 2-3 days as they see
the moon getting bigger, you can let them add the next piece. Keep doing this to the end of
the month. Remember the second half of the month you will have to remove pieces, one by
one every 2-3 days, until there is no moon at the end of the month.

Moms, exchange your gold for cash sitting at home!

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Was surfing on eBay and found a lot of used gold items/jewelries being sold and people actually buy them. I noticed women's old and worn jewelry can actually fetch a profitable price to it's the owner as long as the piece is in flawless condition. A lot of moms and parents love shopping there to save time and where else to get the best for best price. But i also wondered if there was any other site which allows us exchange our unwanted, broken/dented, scrap gold and other metal items for cash, and came upon cash for gold which pays 3 times more! That shows how much value gold comprises of... do i have to tell you more! check it out for yourself once your are free from parenting and house-hold chores :)

Children not wanting to go to school

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My child makes excuses like stomach aches, tooth aches, running to bathroom, etc, before school so that he may avoid going to school. How should i handle this situation, please advice?

Talk to your child in a friendly manner instead of blasting out at him/her. Ask what is the problem and if there is any reason for not liking school for for their behavior. Many a times there are reasons like bullying, being away from parents, tough assignments or a teacher they may not like. Talk to his teacher or probably a school counselor would be able to help your child.

Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Installment loans for bad credit

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Sometimes you may have had a huge expenditure and you find yourself short of cash to maintain the family's daily needs. Loans are the only saviour that will help you keep our daily expenditure flowing smoothly or help us in too many other beneficial ways like making a dream purchase. If you are looking for an instant money lender then payday loans online, is the best to consider. Though payday loans are criticized as predatory by consumer advocates, it is pretty acknowledged for its convenient facilities.

An easy way to apply for an online application is when a consumer fills out an online application form or faxes a completed application that requests personal information, bank account numbers, Social Security number and employer information. Borrowers fax copies of a check, a recent bank statement, and signed paperwork. These loans are usually small short term loans where a borrower writes a check for the borrowed amount and a one time fee postdated for his next payday. If he cant pay the full amount, it is rolled on to the next pay day, but with the one time fee amount being paid.

If you are looking out for installment loans for bad credit, you are also provided with long-term installment facilities.

Saturday, 28 August, 2010

Pregnancy 1st trimester sleep tips

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1. Staying hydrated is important, but if you can drink as much as water during the day and cut down too much of water intake in the evening, it would help frequent bathroom visits and allows you to sleep continuously for hours.

2. Sleeping on your life side is an advisable and best position, and will allow circulation. Sleep with pillows at your side or what is called the pregnancy pillow to for comfort during sleep.

3. Keep the bathroom lights to avoid having to switch on every time you visit for urination, as this will tend to break a good nights sleep.

4. A daily sleep schedule works best for the body. Try to sleep every night at the same time.

5. light naps aren't harmful or even dosing of when you are tired is even better. Don't neglect the body from sleep when you are sleepy!

6. Help yourself curb nausea by keeping biscuits or crackers at your bedside. Eat many small meals to avoid feeling an empty tummy during sleep hours.

Tuesday, 24 August, 2010

Different brands as well as types of baby strollers

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All parents love taking their little ones out in strollers, because strollers are pretty convenient to carry them around town. You might be a parent looking out for strollers that you can manage conveniently even while travelling by car, then i recommend a very useful site which provides a line of different brands and types of baby strollers for your little one. Have you checked out the baby planet strollers at There is a vast selection of safe and durable jogging strollers. But if umbrella strollers are what you fancy for your baby or toddler, to protect the little one from the weather, you are sure to find a very stylish out out there. Perhaps, double and triple strollers are what is your requirement if you have twins, triplets or quartets and at baby planet, they have the ability to solve that common problem for you too.

Baby planet manufactures a series of stroller accessories like standard strollers, travel systems, jogging strollers making it easy to fulfill all your parenting needs. They understand how you care for your baby and they care too! They also offer a free shipping on orders over $25, plus other promotions and sales. You can shop by brand, or type or price and you can also enlighten yourself to a lot of stroller information before you make a purchase. It's all in your hands, that easy :)

Monday, 9 August, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris ♫

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Canadian singer Justin Bieber (16) Tries to woo his girlfriend back in the video below. I'm sure this is loved by most of our teens worldwide and why only the teens, but every music lover! Great rhythm and catchy drumming beats.

Bieber said, "It starts off, I really like this girl, but we didn't [get] along; we couldn't be together. Basically I want her back and [I'm] kind of going through the whole thing. I'm chasing her around, trying to get her, and she's kind of playing hard to get, but I'm persistent. I keep going

The song 'Baby' is the teens biggest hit to date so enjoy the vid and have a great music monday :).

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Monday, 26 July, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Nuki Nuki - full version Gummy Bear ♫

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Have fun while watching the gummy bear with your kids as he will dance and sing away in glee... my kid Alisha loves watching his funny jumps and the shaking of his hips. The song is also very catchy for kids who love music and i guess all kids do so :)

So enjoy this funny little fellow with your kids and have a happy MM week ahead.. :)

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Tuesday, 29 June, 2010

No PD data from opticians, too bad.

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Zenni: the #1 online eyeglasses store sells prescription eyeglasses considering the health necessity behind it, but Opticians don't want give you PD data if you want to purchase. Read a professionals take on it.

Quoted by OptiBoard Professional: "Got Asked for a PD Today (First Time)
This afternoon I had a 20 something women approach me and sheepishly ask if I could measure her "pupil distance," as her eye doctor wouldn't do it for her.
I told her that I wouldn't. Actually you couldn't pay me enough to do that for anyone.I wonder how others deal with this relatively new phenomenon? I welcome you to share your experiences"

I fail to understand why Opticians keep you away from ZenniOp because it provides wearers with high quality and effective eyeglasses at affordable prices, and so if customers need the PD data to ensure proper eyeglass fitting, i don't think they should refused but Opticians should charge a fee for the service they provide. Why don't they understand how important it is for patients/customers when they purchase eye-ware especially for health reasons.

Monday, 28 June, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Beauty and the Beast (Soundtrack) ♫

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Wednesday, 16 June, 2010

Rain guards, to help drive your family in comfort

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Are you one of those drivers that enjoy the weather outside your car while your windows are down? Ok, now you wont have to worry about spoilt hairdo's and soiled clothes by the rain pouring into your car through the window because rain guards come to your rescue! You can make your purchase from, an online automotive accessories superstore since 2003 based in Edison, NJ. Moreover, when you buy family cars what do you look for? interior and exterior custom styling, performance and comfort, right? Carid offers a you with those and a terrific selection of side window deflectors that make driving during the bad weather more manageable than ever. Rain deflectors come from brand names like WeatherTech and PUTCO to guarantee top-quality unmatched anywhere else.

WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors important asset is their versatility. Not only do they insulate your vehicle during swirling winds and cut down on the excess noise, but they also provide an awning that shields your windows from being overcome with raindrops.

PUTCO Window Visors promise solid protection against wind and rain with a nice hint of style thrown in. Made from ultra-grade ABS Plastic (chrome finish) or GE™ Polycarbonate (tinted), PUTCO® Element Window Visors stand up to the harshest conditions and never back down.

Tuesday, 15 June, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Panchatantra Tales - The Bird And The Monkey ♫

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Watch the animation moral stories series of Panchatantra Tales - The Bird And The Monkey - a great learning experience for kids in the most entertaining and fun way.

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Monday, 7 June, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Nursery Rhymes - Humpty Dumpty ♫

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Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

MusicMonday - ♫ Nursery Rhymes - Johny Johny ♫

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Good nursery rhyme video from where your kid will enjoy learning Johnny Johnny, in minutes! :)

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Sunday, 16 May, 2010

Benefits during a water birth

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Every mother wants a peaceful and gentle birth for her baby. A water birth in this case, is truly considered heavenly and beneficial for birthing mothers. This type of birth not only benefits the mother by helping better relaxation and reducing her pain, but will also benefit her baby too. While babies are inside the amniotic sac in their mothers wombs, they are warm and cozy like as if in a warm bathtub! so if you birth in a similar environment its truly going to be so gentle on the baby. Isn't it?

Some more benefits below to help you decide better :)

Baby is allowed more oxygen due to the mothers improved circulation in the water.

Due to the elasticity of the mothers vaginal tissues, the uterus muscles are more relaxed which results into a gentle and stress free birth.

Reduction of stress related hormones which move into baby through the placenta, because of a mental and physical relaxed environment.

The birthing tub will feel like moms amniotic sac and will assure security for baby.

Sunday, 9 May, 2010

Penguin windows - replacement windows

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In very hot summers the air conditioners are in use most of the time in majority households, but sometimes the need to switch off your air conditioner does arise for certain reasons, right? Now what if your windows are filled with leakages and cracks etc, the inefficiency of your cracked windows are then going to cost you heavily! In case you maybe a new home-owner and your windows are poorly insulated and installed then this too could be the cause of your monthly high bills due to the lack of energy-efficient benefits to your home. So if you are thinking of building your new home, high quality energy-efficient windows which are attractive and beneficial for your home are advisable and these windows can also help you save on bills as well. A good brand would be Penguin Windows. Penguin Windows are currently available in Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

If your kitchen overlooks your garden; you can install large kitchen windows above your sink, which can also provide space for plants and other collectibles. It gives the feeling of having a mini garden overlook your main garden. If you consider a triple glass pane for your home; a triple pane offers better insulation, better noise reduction, and better security than standard double-pane windows. The panes have double coating of low- e which helps in better efficiency.

Monday, 3 May, 2010

The alphabet song/Nursery rhyme for kids and babies

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Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

Tips for baby proofing your home

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As a new mother you would do anything to protect your baby who is still not able to crawl, from dangers around your home. But what about when your baby begins to crawl! Would you be able to keep up to his pace of curiosity? No, and moreover now nothing that once looked perfect seems safe for baby anymore. Considering the risk and that baby relies on you for his safely, now it is time to baby proof your home to avoid baby head bumps, injuries from objects lying around and other target injures. Of course, you will need to invest in a little time and you can accomplish the task at the cost of nothing.

The first step would be to ask someone to crawl around your house and watch for any dangers from a baby eye-view. Remember your baby and his curiosity would be growing, so look out for the objects and areas that could cause him harm. Here is a few steps to follow:

1.Baby's nursery
Babies should always be put to sleep on their backs. Avoid keeping soft blankets, toys or any other objects in his crib as these pose a suffocation hazard and other injuries to babies. Check that the crib railings are 2-3/8 inches apart so baby's head wont trap in between. The mattress should be securely fitted in the crib and the railing should be high enough so baby wont crawl out. Position the crib away from windows to avoid strangulation from curtains. Keep all other baby essentials away from reach.

Lead your child up the stairs and always keep it clutter free. Use Gates on top of stairs to avoid baby's from falling off. Install secure latches on the gates. and ensure the slats are not too wide as baby can trap himself. Avoid placing flower pots on the stairs which can topple over.

3.Living Room
Always keep the floors slippery free or install a carpet for better safety measures. Move book shelves into the storeroom or anchor them to the wall. Check for tiny objects on the floor which baby can get hold of and pop into her mouth. Plug up or tape all electrical sockets in all rooms. Check for broken window panes. Secure all electrical gadgets so that it doesn't topple over baby. Install bumper cushions to the edge of sharp furniture to prevent baby from injuries.

Put cleaners high up away in cabinets or use childproof locks on the lower cabinets doors. Use door stops on drawers and store sharp knives/glassware and other kitchen utensils away in the higher drawers. Keep handles of pots and pans with food cooking facing the back of the stove, for babies attempting to stand, will try to reach out and pull them. Never prepare baby food with hot boiling water or pass it over a baby. Check your child's high chair is well equipped with restrained straps. Make sure the child is strapped on his waist and between his legs securely. Keep baking soda and a fire extinguisher in case of fire.

Medicines, cosmetics and other essentials should be stored away in cabinets out of baby's reach. Don't set the heater for more than 120 degrees F, and check the temp before pouring on baby's body during his bath. Utilize a no-slip or rubber mat for baby in the tub and never leave him unattended. Install lids on toilets seats and when not in use, keep it closed

Tuesday, 27 April, 2010

Online casino

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Surfing around the internet, i came across a large number of kids online game sites but i wasn't able to find games suitable to play as a mom. I felt there weren't any games created for elders until i came across a casino site created for online entertainment. Online casino is a technology powered and most reliable online casino game created for a Vegas like experience, but online! Players can avail a bonus when they open a new account, and valued customers will be offered monthly special rewards and programs.

It's a pretty good game site for Parents who stay at home wondering what else to do other than just networking on the internet. If you are one of them, what are doing? Go try an online slots casino right now!

Sunday, 25 April, 2010

Unsafe foods to avoid during pregnancy

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I had listed a few foods to avoid during pregnancy in my previous post, now i'll add more unsafe foods...

Here we go:

Raw or undercooked meat- due to the risk of infested bacteria known as salmonella. By consuming raw meats a pregnant woman may suffer from nausea and diarrhea and most importantly may lead to severe complications putting the baby's life at risk, as the complications could result in miscarriages or pre-term births. Other foods in this category to be avoided are sushi, raw sea-food like shellfish, hot dogs, deli meats, poultry, pork, raw eggs because of the risk of being contaminated with coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella.

Fish high in mercury- Seafood like shark, Swordfish, king mackerel, Tilefish should be avoided as they contain accumulated high levels of mercury in their tissues which is harmful to the baby, and may cause neurological damages and other developmental problems.

Soft Cheese- Feta, Gorgonzola, Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, Brie and Camembert, contain listeria, a potential bacteria, which may lead to food poisoning or miscarriages.

Caffeine and Alcohol- Caffeine consumption should be strictly avoided or cautiously consumed as it is known to put a pregnant women to a miscarriage risk, or result in pre-term births. Alcohol consumption can result in miscarriages and premature birth too, along with low birth weight or learning disabilities of the born child, thus should be strictly avoided too.

Extra tips-
Hot dogs can be eaten if they are steamed well.

Eat safely :)

Tuesday, 20 April, 2010

Get your own web hosting now!

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I have been on the internet for years now and the amount of mothers and parents taking to blogging are amazing as everybody is looking out to make some money online! I own several blogs in the web world myself, but i've always been doughtful about hosting my blog on paid hosting unlike other moms out here who are able to build successful profitable sites for themselves. My main reason is, i fear data loss which i definitely don't want. But, someday i might just change my mind and buy one for all blogs as i now understand the benefits of web hosting!

Being owners of a site/blog over the web, majority of users like you know the importance of web hosting and domain names for your own sites, Isn't it? No one likes to risk losing important website data or experience downtimes from free web hosting providers, but as we convince ourselves to buy web hosting we should also research the latest trends in web development and look out for the best service provider for our websites/blogs, at a budget we can all manage and by which we are also able to enjoy all the best features offered. Before you choose to buy any web hosting always read the web hosting reviews by highly experienced webmasters who will provide honest reviews, and this will help you make decisions. Your site should rank higher on the search engines and your blog will also be secured on the web.

Having written the above, heres a vital piece of news and information from web hosting! from the apps and programs needed to provide hosting, a software monitors bandwidth( downloading of data) by a tool called host tools. This is beneficial for the provider who is able to bill customers for bandwidth usage. Navigating the cpanel used for building sites is very easy once you get the hang of it. I am ready for a web hosting :)

Saturday, 17 April, 2010

Moms, hurry to for product coupons!

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I got some good news here! Are you a mom keen to save on shopping? Every women infact, looks out for great quality products at low prices to save money, and why spend more, when i already found some great discount and promotional codes on goods bought to you by friends at

You must visit the stores section to avail the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. For years, customers have been happily shopping for linens, decor, cleaning supplies, kitchen electrics, gifts and more.. this one stop shop provides customers with needs for their home and lifestyle and they even have stores across the United States, Canada and New Zealand. The wide selection offered to customers at low prices prove a great marketing strategy for the success of Bed Bath and Beyond. Exceptional service, free shipping services, coupons at affordable prices, all add to attracting more customers to their store! Though most brands offered here are conventional, you might find products from Tommy Hilfiger, Oneida, Lenox and many more.. what are you waiting for, the latest codes will help all you moms save plenty of money on shopping!

Also check out the Home Depot coupon code at 40,000 products including building and landscaping materials can be found at the home improvement store. The offers are taken away like hot cakes, so hurry :)

Thursday, 15 April, 2010

A delicious, spicy nutrela(soya chunks) recipe for kids

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My kids love spicy food and cant do without it, and if for a day i plan to change the menu to light meals, they'll fuss and wont have their food. I guess all moms are aware of this nature side of their kids and they'll rather try to stick to what the kids love. If your from India, you might understand what i mean right? But spicy food isn't that unhealthy after all so here is a recipe prepared with soy chunks and lot of spice but really nutritious and healthy for the kids. I love soya chunks(nutrela) which is rich in protein and we have it as a substitute if meat isn't available. Moms just sit down to a table served with hot spicy nutrela and rice with kids after school, they'll love it! If you are already scared of the read fiery color in the image! don't worry it's just the tomato ketchup :)

Spicy Manchurian nutrela (soya chunks)

100 grams soya chunks
1 tsp finely chopped ginger and garlic
1/4 cup finely chopped capsicum
2 tbsp oil
1/4 finely chopped onion
2 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp hot sauce ( chilli sauce )
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp finely chopped tomato
salt as per taste

In a big pan pour 4 cups water and after it starts boiling, stop the stove and put the soya chunks in it. Leave it for 3 mins. Drain the water and squeeze all the water from the soya. Be careful since it will be very hot. So cool it a little and squeeze. Do this method again to remove the raw smell in the soya nuggets. Then chop each one into 2 pieces.

In another pan pour 2 tbsp of oil and put finely chopped ginger and garlic and fry for 30 sec. Now add the chopped onion and fry for 2 mins, then add chopped capsicum and fry till they are half cooked. Put the soya chunks and chopped tomato along with capsicum and fry for a min. Pour soy sauce, hot sauce, tomato ketchup and fry for 5 mins in medium flame till cooked. Tasty soya chunks manchurian is ready to be served as a side dish.

Sunday, 11 April, 2010

Local Insurance

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If you are an ambitious person wishing to touch the sky through your dream business, you may put in all efforts to research about your business beforehand. This is something every person should always do, and so obviously a research is compulsory, but you must also get yourself a business insurance which is a very crucial part of business and a wise thing to do. One can never predict a perfect business so in case your business suffers losses, but your business is insuranced then you will be compensated by your chosen insurance company, provided you were also paying the amount charged by the company. Its also very necessary to get a home insurance, insurance for kids are a must too, and remember most important a life insurance is a must for you never know what might happen.

If you a resident of new York and you are thinking of initiating a business you might need to get in touch with local agents to get you one, and for that i recommend a New York business insurance agent right there on the link. You can also save up 35% on

Insurance on Wikipedia gives us a great insight into how insurance policies are managed so i recommend reading it as many of us are still illiterate about insurance policies.

Sunday, 4 April, 2010

Have you heard about N-viro soil?

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Have you heard about N-viro soil? The food we have and cook in our homes are cultivated and then bought to our markets. We buy our food products items, and cook and give our families to consume, but we must also ensure our food is grown on rich soil like N-Viro soil. This site, has lots of information for people to know how good soil like made. N-Viro offers other products other than soil like opportunities fuels too.

N-Viro International Corporation develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert wastewater sludge and other bio-organic wastes into alternative energy and agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value.

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

Clear your debts with debt management advice

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Are you trapped in a web of debts? If you are, and looking for a easier ways to eliminate all the debt burdens of your head then i recommend you to apply online, at where their professional trained staff will ease your stress with their Debt Management Advice. Welcome solutions is on its thirteenth year of helping people getting their debts under control and even today their have very satisfied clients. The clients being helped by then are no less then thousands and you must join them.

You can chat live with a trained debt adviser who is available all times during their open hours. This facility can be used at your convenience.

Welcome Solutions operates an open debt surgery where you can talk to an adviser without having to take any appointment as it is an open service. You can visit them on Monday, Friday, and Saturday, so start planning to make a visit to them soon.

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

Parents can check out free coupon deals from

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I found all you moms a new savings site recommended by one of my friends, who is also a mom. This young mom, who believes in savings a lot, has picked up her favorite Baby coupons from and is more than satisfied with it.

But it is not only moms who hang around there, everyone who loves the benefits of saving can take a look at the free coupon deals from different categories and if you enjoy being a foodie, you have your delicious tantalizing Food coupons there too.

Friends i request you to hurry and visit, and grab your favorite deals and Savings coupons and don't forget to check out the days online deals.

Wednesday, 10 February, 2010

Creating a kid friendly garden

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Many women and children are passionate for gardening. It's one of the most exciting activities they have included into their daily lives, and just like a mother cares for her kids, she also cares for her garden the same way. But just as the necessities needed to care for kids, she also needs the necessary tools that will help her in setting up her garden and lawn aerators make they way on the top most list or the garden she has been anticipating won't even reach is initiative stage of the process. If you plan to create a kids friendly garden, your child will surely be a part of it from start, so ensure he doesn't try to work the lawn aerator which is also the most dangerous of all the other garden and lawn tools.

Spring is one the best times for gardening, though gardening can be encouraged any time of the year depending on the weather. When Michelle Obama set the perfect example by setting up a girl's garden in the house didn't she prove that gardening is a perfect passion for all moms, and their families? I suggest all parents to inspire their kids to set up a garden based on their imaginations. Let them create a make-believe environment such as a fairyland theme or any character from their story books. Spending gardening moment's with your kids will help outdoor environmental bonding, plus improve on their creativity naturally along with their parents. Take precaution not to allow them with objects and tools that might pose injuries to them, and gardening will be fun!

Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Tips for teaching your baby sign language

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Don't frustrate yourself while trying to make your baby understand something or while getting him to communicate. These simple steps will help you build a better bonding with him. Teaching him sign language will not delay his speech but get him to express faster.

Pair the words you speak with gestures

When your child attempts gestures back to you, praise him excitedly, ensuring never to bore him while playing this game.

When you show him a sign, do it consistently like every time you do an activity with him, for eg: while feeding or changing his diapers.

Start with one sign and try to stick to it until your baby learns it but never abandon the first sign- you can use it frequently though.

You may find your baby invent a sign himself knowing that everything has a sign now, so do not discourage it, in fact correct it and continue using it with him while also praising him for his efforts.

Finally, don't expect your baby to learn a sign in a single night! he'll learn it at his own time, just be patient with him.

Wednesday, 13 January, 2010

Babies base will help you be a better parent

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Being an internet addict i am always on the look out for new articles and sites for information to satisfy my curiosity on how things work, but most important, i search for information that would be useful for me and my kids. How to raise them the best i can, etc..

All other parents should take a look at babiesbase which is a baby site and provides plenty of information on topics like pregnancy, and elder kids as well. I think i should also register on the site so that as a member i can discuss my parenting problems and lend my advice to other mothers on the forums itself.

I know of many curious first time moms who don't know what and how to do a certain something for their babies. They try searching the internet for help. There are some dads too, who are left alone in the house to care for their kids while their wives are away at work. These parents would be pleased to gather so much information from one site alone.