Sunday, 13 December, 2009

Exercise tips to help cope with fatigue and morning sickness

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Its not surprising for pregnant women to experience fatigue and dizziness in the morning.. but this doesn't mean you have to leave yourself exhausted without doing anything. Incorporating light exercise and some fitness rules into your daily routine can help you combat the sickness a bit.

Take a light snack with water or juice just before you begin warming up.
Wear stretchable clothes which makes moving easier for you and don't forget comfortable shoes specially around the heels.
Divide your exercises into sessions and exercise slowly when you do.
You can take brief breaks in-between and never take exhaustion to its peak.
Do not strain and cause your body to move rapidly.
Immediately stop if you notice pains!
You aught to feel better, not drained in the end of exercising, which is when you can slowly increase your exercising or activity levels day by day.


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