Thursday, 15 October, 2009

Follow these tips and keep your children safe from Diwali mishaps

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Diwali, the festival of lights is one day ahead of us and the whole of India will be celebrating by bursting crackers, and feasting, apart from the other traditional activities. Bursting crackers will be always be the most awaited part of Diwali for kids and even grown ups, which can be a little dangerous too.. if you look up the news or read the newspapers the day following Diwali festival, there are always mishaps that have happened due to not being careful on Diwali. So as parents, we have the responsibly to ensure our kids are playing safe no matter how well they can care for themselves. Fire should never be trusted, so please follow these simple tips and have a blast.. coz.. precaution is better than cure :-)

Wishing every parent a wonderful and joyous Diwali with their families and kids...

1. First and foremost, burn crackers and light fireworks in an open space, and a great distance away from any building wall. Make sure there are no combustible and inflammatory articles lying around.

2. Keep a bucket of water or a thick blanket and a first aid kit in hand. It might not seem essential at that point of time, in excitement, but its better than being sorry.

3. Strictly avoid wearing and allowing yours kids to wear nylon or synthetic clothes. Its ok to wear traditional clothes like ghagra choli, saris etc during the puja activities.. but while burning crackers, make sure they change into cotton clothes.

4. Keep your lapped kids in arms and a distance from the crackers. Avoid them from exposure to too much loud noises as they are likely to not enjoy the noises as it is, even their ears are too delicate to withstand the noise pollution. While burning sparklers with them, hold it yourself first, and then let them just hold your hand or the tip/bottom of the sparklers.

5. Supervise your kids while bursting crackers and playing with fireworks, and never leave them alone unless you have other important work to do. In this case, leave them under supervision of a much older responsible child.

6. Jewelery should be strictly avoided apart from synthetic clothes, as we all know metal is good conductor of heat and could cause some unnecessary mishap.

Enjoy the lightened spirit of Diwali with your kids but do keep in mind these useful tips.. Happy Diwali one and all :-)