Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

Moms, pamper your little one to a luxury bath robe

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Kids often don't like bathing and oh yes, well actually they do love bathing soap getting into their eyes is what they don't delight in. But you can always have fun baths and allow your family a happy bath time together. They so much deserve a towel wrap, don't they? Why not use a luxury a bath wrap once they are out of the shower or bath tub, wiped and ready to snuggle in. Its so much fun and practical too! This helps to keep them warm and they will also regard a bath as an enjoyable activity.

Moms would love wetting themselves while playing blowing bubbles in the bath tub, so take this opportunity to treat your-self to a terry bath robe. It is of gold standard, thick and warm and 100% cotton of course! I believe this would also prove as an excellent gift for your teenage daughter or from a daughter to her mother! They'll adore the unusual gift for sure.

As a playful mother, you could also try the waffle bath robe which is lighter in weight. Lighter enough, for you to carry your darling kids out of the bathroom in case they plan on another bath.