Thursday, 31 July, 2008

Essence For Better life...(UNIQUE ICON)

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Here's i bring you one of the very simple yet attractive blogs which has great writings of a man with a power mind! The header is so touching, when the author says "feel free to laugh, cry and also criticize me".. only people who aim to live life a king size and accept reality could have that mentality and am so glad am writing for this author.

A must read post 'Positive will not ensure success but negative will ensure failure' where he has given examples of some leaders of our country and some philosophy of his own thoughts.. Essence For Better life...(UNIQUE ICON) is what he is trying to teach others and how trying to think well can improve your life.

Infact i found many posts very interesting and am sure the blog will keep you too, tied there for a while till you find some inner change in you, for the better!

best diet pills

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Are you looking out for the best diet pills to help keep your body fit and slim. Is it the cost or the effectiveness you are in search of? I am sure its both, a combination of the cost and effectiveness should be cheap and best, right? You can take a look here to find out the best product or diet pills for your body.

Usually during pregnancy women tend to put on lots of weight as its tough to quit eating the delicious foods that make us overweight. Post delivery when its time to get on with that once glamours career of ours, we land up surfing the whole market for solutions to help loose that fat inside us. Now everything is so convenient to find over the Internet and you can even buy them online. So i figured out some of the diet pills that could come to great use for you.

You may want to try Lipovox a diet pill that's beneficial for your acne, skin wrinkles and even Detoxifies the Body. Ephedrasil is also another diet pill which is known to suppress ones appetite and overall feeling of well being and is traced to contain no banned substance.

While you plan your way to a weight loss programme, stop eating fatty foods and only healthy ones as its those that will help keep your body fit and slim after you loose weight!

Wednesday, 16 July, 2008

My resting place

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OK, here's a blog called my resting place, where the author shares her random thoughts about herself, health and fitness. One thing caught my attention, the bridal shower of the author where she shows her beautiful gown in one of those pictures. By the way, you can also link to her blog by leaving your link and she will respond back. Need a new friend, just Visit Now and know that she even shares a few yummy recipes and good health tips for the health freaks:).. Visit Now!

Friday, 11 July, 2008

babys milestones, development on month 1

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First of all, Milestones according to me are once your baby has stepped on or accomplished a new development, though all babies are not the same and we must expect variations between all babies.

By the end of month one:
Your baby's still adjusting to the world outside its once cozy home, your womb. She needs constant love, care and warmth to build a stronger bond between a mother and child.

Physical/motor development:
If you noticed your baby's neck wasn't firm and you needed to hold her head and neck at every step of caring for her. Now your baby's neck muscles will began to get stronger and she will be able to hold her head up for few seconds or more while on her stomach, while trying to roll from side to side. While in her baby carrier, your baby may try to lift her head, provided there be some support near the portion of her neck.

She may begin to respond to familiar sounds like music, your voice which will also soothe her in times of insecurity.
She'll Begin to notice two tiny hands sicking out of her body, that's because she had no clue there were hers throughout. She may want to put her fingers into her mouth or stare at them.

Baby's sleep pattern:
She will be keeping awake more during the day and sleeping for longer hours during the night, unlike when she was a newborn. Some babies, when their nights sleep is complete.. they wake up for a two/three hours, playtime!! Visit Baby Alisha's page to learn about a very cute and naughty baby ;)

Baby's feeds:
Feeds on breast milk or formula.. feeds increase as shes growing. She should be a strictly fed on breast/formula milk for at least 3 to 6 months.. remember 'breast milk is best'

Baby's playtime and games to play:
1.While shes in the mood for a game of noddy.. like while she staring at you, nod your head from side to side across her face, she will try to track the movements while you do so.
As babies see everything in black and while, keep some more black and white contrast objects near her and she'll be busy staring away.

2.Put her hands on her head and ask her "where's the baby's hands gone?" in an attempt to show her that those hands are only hers and she will respond back by a coo or a gurgle ;)

Tuesday, 1 July, 2008

Satisfy your teens palate with these mouth watering breakfast recipes

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French Toast

1 egg
1/4 c. milk
dash of vanilla extract
1 tbsp. margarine
2 pieces of bread

Crack the egg into a medium-size bowl and beat well. Then mix in the milk and vanilla extract.
Put the margarine in a frying pan. Heat the pan on the stovetop on medium heat. It's hot enough when the margarine starts to bubble.
Dunk each piece of bread in the egg mixture. Make sure the bread is totally covered.
Cook the bread in the frying pan on low heat until the underside is light brown (about 5 minutes).
Use a spatula to flip the bread over, and cook again for another 5 minutes.
Use the spatula to transfer the French toast to a plate.

Banana Bread

2 eggs
1 3/4 c. sifted flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 c. vegetable oil
2/3 c. sugar
1 c. mashed bananas (about 3 bananas)
nonstick spray

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).
Beat eggs well in a small bowl.
In a medium-size bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
In a large bowl, add the vegetable oil. Add the sugar a little bit at a time, and continue beating until the mixture is fluffy.
Add the eggs to the mixture in the large bowl and beat well.
Add some of the flour mixture to the large bowl and beat well. Then add some of the mashed bananas and beat some more. Continue adding flour, then bananas, then flour, then bananas, until everything is mixed in.
Pour mixture into a baking pan coated with nonstick spray. Bake for 70 minutes.
Flip your banana bread out of the pan, let it cool for a bit, and cut it into slices to eat and share!

Whole wheat pancakes

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1.5 cups soymilk
1 T maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
1 T apple cider vinegar

Stir dry ingredients together in large bowl.
Add wet ingredients and stir just enough to remove the lumps.
Preheat lightly oiled or nonstick skillet/griddle.
Cook pancakes on one side until tops bubble. Flip and cook second side until brown

7 main benefits of breast feeding

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'Breast milk is best for your baby'. You may have heard this several times and you realize it is important for baby and should be strictly followed. But you also need to know while baby benefits from breast milk much much more than a formula drinking baby, it is also beneficial to you, the mother!

1. It is rich in nutrients.

2. Helps fight infections while protecting your baby.

3. Prevents your baby from allergies.

4. No need for washing bottles, preparing formula while baby howls away and those milk spilling messy days.

5. Helps the contraction of the uterus which stretches during the delivery, back to normal.

6. Menstruation delay is also common in breast feeding mothers.

7. Helps build a stronger bond between you and baby.

Mother contented, baby contented.. what could be better sight than a happy, mother baby duo? :)

Please Come back for more articles about breast feeding: how to breast feed, position and timing of breast feeds, mothers diet while breast feeding and lots more!