Sunday, 18 October, 2009

Your one stop to the best party and wedding favors

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I still have all the mementos and wedding favors i collected as a kid, while attending parties and weddings of my family and relatives. Most of the wedding party favors those days were hand made with wires, beads, net etc.. and looked very pretty. These days the new generation doesn't have the time to get a favor together as everyone prefers to get their personalized favors ordered to avoid shortage of time and moreover to get access to new designs and themes. You may want to match your party favors with the theme and color of your party so try these pretty personalized wedding favors from this site which will help you to get new ideas for favors and make the coming wedding season a success! Its a one stop shop site to ease your shopping for all kinds of unique wedding favors, and am sure you are going to excite yourself just the way i did. I've already chosen this wedding cake in the image as my personal favorite out of all the other favors! which one is your preference? or do you fancy all.. :-)