Thursday, 15 October, 2009

Gift ideas for new moms and newborn babies

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I remember, when i was a new mom having just given birth to my first born i was quite shocked and excited both at the same time. I couldn't resist gazing into my sons face even while he slept waiting for him to cry so that i could take him in my arms and cuddle him to sleep again. My family and visitors were sensitive to my emotions, they understood what a new mom goes through post delivery, and they often made me feel special by bringing me fresh beautiful flowers. This really helped to divert and relax my stressed out mind and worked out body.

Am sure most of you might have been confused when gifting someone, especially when a new mother is concerned, but most of you need to gift a new mom and newborn sometime in your life, don't you? The things which new mothers would appreciate from her dear ones are the most essential babies and kid’s items. They wouldn't trade anything for their little sweetheart's first gifts, ask me! So, if you are seriously gifting a new mother, select something material for the newborn baby rather then gifting money in an envelope as it doesn't look decent and no matter what the amount, and no matter how many others have already gifted toys to the baby, the mother would still appreciate toys as a wonderful gift for her newborn doll.

I regret not having a pushchair for my son because it would have been so convenient for both of us, so i recommend buying a top model which will last until the baby's is of, at least 3 to 4 years old. Any, one person can buy this special item, for it's the only single item needed for the baby and the close members of the mother's family should plan and work this out.

One more activity instead of a gift would really be so appreciated by the mother, and it would be a great idea to capture wonderful moments of bonding between the mother and her newborn. digital cameras are so cheap and yet you can get quality pictures out of them. These pictures can be stored in secure photo storage on the web and is also the easiest way to exhibit the pictures to your family and relatives through a link! Technology is amazing.. thanks to innovations in digital camera technology


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