Sunday, 4 October, 2009

How to cope and combat fatigue during pregnancy

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Get into bed earlier than the usual time because the night will find you waking up several times, and rest during the day. If you are a working women, give in to your body’s needs and take a nap of 15 mins while on your way to work, or during your lunch break find an empty cabin and rest.

Eat your dinner few hours before you lie down or sleep to avoid or reduce indigestion and heart burn which can result in fatigue.

Working women should take it easy, arrange to take work home or work lesser hours. Stay at home moms and others are always luckier to find time for rest, but not always, so try to cut out or lessen your social commitments and get some help for some of the house work and to look after the kids while you find time for a sound sleep.

A deficiency of calories in terms of iron & protein can cause fatigue Also, a pregnant body needs a healthy diet which consists of 300 extra calories a day! Healthy Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, skim milk, and lean meats are energizing while junk foods are a big no. Fruits and yogurt will also do you good while too much intake of caffeine should be avoided. Drink plenty of water to ensure you remain hydrated.

Including some regular light exercises into your daily routine during pregnancy can decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. A brisk walk, breathing deeply or stretching your legs gently could be a good initiative.

Its advisable not to pressurize your pregnancy for unnecessary commitments or in stressful situations, but remain happy by occupying yourself in less strenuous activity.