Sunday, 16 May, 2010

Benefits during a water birth

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Every mother wants a peaceful and gentle birth for her baby. A water birth in this case, is truly considered heavenly and beneficial for birthing mothers. This type of birth not only benefits the mother by helping better relaxation and reducing her pain, but will also benefit her baby too. While babies are inside the amniotic sac in their mothers wombs, they are warm and cozy like as if in a warm bathtub! so if you birth in a similar environment its truly going to be so gentle on the baby. Isn't it?

Some more benefits below to help you decide better :)

Baby is allowed more oxygen due to the mothers improved circulation in the water.

Due to the elasticity of the mothers vaginal tissues, the uterus muscles are more relaxed which results into a gentle and stress free birth.

Reduction of stress related hormones which move into baby through the placenta, because of a mental and physical relaxed environment.

The birthing tub will feel like moms amniotic sac and will assure security for baby.


Tamsyn said...

I've had 2 water births and am planning another one! It's a wonderful way to give birth! :O)