Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Tips for teaching your baby sign language

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Don't frustrate yourself while trying to make your baby understand something or while getting him to communicate. These simple steps will help you build a better bonding with him. Teaching him sign language will not delay his speech but get him to express faster.

Pair the words you speak with gestures

When your child attempts gestures back to you, praise him excitedly, ensuring never to bore him while playing this game.

When you show him a sign, do it consistently like every time you do an activity with him, for eg: while feeding or changing his diapers.

Start with one sign and try to stick to it until your baby learns it but never abandon the first sign- you can use it frequently though.

You may find your baby invent a sign himself knowing that everything has a sign now, so do not discourage it, in fact correct it and continue using it with him while also praising him for his efforts.

Finally, don't expect your baby to learn a sign in a single night! he'll learn it at his own time, just be patient with him.


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