Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

Tips for baby proofing your home

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As a new mother you would do anything to protect your baby who is still not able to crawl, from dangers around your home. But what about when your baby begins to crawl! Would you be able to keep up to his pace of curiosity? No, and moreover now nothing that once looked perfect seems safe for baby anymore. Considering the risk and that baby relies on you for his safely, now it is time to baby proof your home to avoid baby head bumps, injuries from objects lying around and other target injures. Of course, you will need to invest in a little time and you can accomplish the task at the cost of nothing.

The first step would be to ask someone to crawl around your house and watch for any dangers from a baby eye-view. Remember your baby and his curiosity would be growing, so look out for the objects and areas that could cause him harm. Here is a few steps to follow:

1.Baby's nursery
Babies should always be put to sleep on their backs. Avoid keeping soft blankets, toys or any other objects in his crib as these pose a suffocation hazard and other injuries to babies. Check that the crib railings are 2-3/8 inches apart so baby's head wont trap in between. The mattress should be securely fitted in the crib and the railing should be high enough so baby wont crawl out. Position the crib away from windows to avoid strangulation from curtains. Keep all other baby essentials away from reach.

Lead your child up the stairs and always keep it clutter free. Use Gates on top of stairs to avoid baby's from falling off. Install secure latches on the gates. and ensure the slats are not too wide as baby can trap himself. Avoid placing flower pots on the stairs which can topple over.

3.Living Room
Always keep the floors slippery free or install a carpet for better safety measures. Move book shelves into the storeroom or anchor them to the wall. Check for tiny objects on the floor which baby can get hold of and pop into her mouth. Plug up or tape all electrical sockets in all rooms. Check for broken window panes. Secure all electrical gadgets so that it doesn't topple over baby. Install bumper cushions to the edge of sharp furniture to prevent baby from injuries.

Put cleaners high up away in cabinets or use childproof locks on the lower cabinets doors. Use door stops on drawers and store sharp knives/glassware and other kitchen utensils away in the higher drawers. Keep handles of pots and pans with food cooking facing the back of the stove, for babies attempting to stand, will try to reach out and pull them. Never prepare baby food with hot boiling water or pass it over a baby. Check your child's high chair is well equipped with restrained straps. Make sure the child is strapped on his waist and between his legs securely. Keep baking soda and a fire extinguisher in case of fire.

Medicines, cosmetics and other essentials should be stored away in cabinets out of baby's reach. Don't set the heater for more than 120 degrees F, and check the temp before pouring on baby's body during his bath. Utilize a no-slip or rubber mat for baby in the tub and never leave him unattended. Install lids on toilets seats and when not in use, keep it closed


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parentingaling said...

Thanks for the tips. It's a constant job to keep up with the babyproofing as your baby grows. "Oh, she can reach that now..."

Mel said...

Thanks for the tips. As someone who is about to have our first, baby-proofing our house is something I'm very conscious of.