Tuesday, 31 August, 2010

Ramadan activities for kids, parents and teachers

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Almost a billion people observe Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During the month, Muslims fast (do not eat) from sunrise to sunset. In the evening and in the morning before the sun comes up, they eat small meals. During this month, they take extra time for family, inner reflection, and spiritual growth. Every family who participates in the fasting has a child or children who also take part in the observations. A child may or may not fast depending on his ability(age)- but they can however, engage themselves in other Ramadan activities. Crafting special projects for Ramadan is a good idea and is fun... lets check it out... even for teachers!

Charity Decorated Jar

Ramadan is that time of the year to rememer most the poor and the needy.
Charity is a big part of the celebration of the month of Ramadan. Ask the
children to bring a jar. Explain to them that in the jar they will collect coins
for the whole month of Ramadan. Help the children decorate the jar, using
colorful stickers of their choice. Let them collect coins in it , either from
their allowance or make an arrangement with their parents to give them
some of the change they have in their pockets, every day.for the remainder
of the month. At the end of the month, let the children count the change
and give it to the mosque or any other charity organization that helps those
in need.

Moon Project

For younger children,

As we know Ramadan begins and ends with the birth of the new moon. This project will be a
good one for preschoolers.

1- Let each group of children (4-6 children in a group), work together to create a night sky on
a black or dark blue construction paper. If they can draw stars by themselves, let them add stars,
or let them stick on stars (the self-sticking kind) or a combination of both. They can use white,
yellow, gold, or silver crayons, pencils, or markers.

2- Create a moon for every group or let them do it, if they can cut a circle in a white construction
paper. You may also use a black construction paper then color it white or silver to represent a
full moon.

3- Slice each moon into 6 pieces, they will be crescent shapes. You may cut the moon into two
halves first, then each half into three pieces. Number these pieces on the back
to remember which piece comes next. Remember that each half moon takes seven days to
develop. It takes two weeks to develop into a full moon. Each piece will represent a stage of
the moon.

4- As you go through the month, ask the children to observe the moon every night from the
first day. When they come to the class ask them to use glue or better to use velcro
to stick the first piece (crescent) on the night sky background. Every 2-3 days as they see
the moon getting bigger, you can let them add the next piece. Keep doing this to the end of
the month. Remember the second half of the month you will have to remove pieces, one by
one every 2-3 days, until there is no moon at the end of the month.


Brad said...

Parenting books are good

Swati Kamath said...

Nice activities for children. It also teaches them how to save money.