Tuesday, 29 June, 2010

No PD data from opticians, too bad.

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Zenni: the #1 online eyeglasses store sells prescription eyeglasses considering the health necessity behind it, but Opticians don't want give you PD data if you want to purchase. Read a professionals take on it.

Quoted by OptiBoard Professional: "Got Asked for a PD Today (First Time)
This afternoon I had a 20 something women approach me and sheepishly ask if I could measure her "pupil distance," as her eye doctor wouldn't do it for her.
I told her that I wouldn't. Actually you couldn't pay me enough to do that for anyone.I wonder how others deal with this relatively new phenomenon? I welcome you to share your experiences"

I fail to understand why Opticians keep you away from ZenniOp because it provides wearers with high quality and effective eyeglasses at affordable prices, and so if customers need the PD data to ensure proper eyeglass fitting, i don't think they should refused but Opticians should charge a fee for the service they provide. Why don't they understand how important it is for patients/customers when they purchase eye-ware especially for health reasons.


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