Saturday, 28 August, 2010

Pregnancy 1st trimester sleep tips

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1. Staying hydrated is important, but if you can drink as much as water during the day and cut down too much of water intake in the evening, it would help frequent bathroom visits and allows you to sleep continuously for hours.

2. Sleeping on your life side is an advisable and best position, and will allow circulation. Sleep with pillows at your side or what is called the pregnancy pillow to for comfort during sleep.

3. Keep the bathroom lights to avoid having to switch on every time you visit for urination, as this will tend to break a good nights sleep.

4. A daily sleep schedule works best for the body. Try to sleep every night at the same time.

5. light naps aren't harmful or even dosing of when you are tired is even better. Don't neglect the body from sleep when you are sleepy!

6. Help yourself curb nausea by keeping biscuits or crackers at your bedside. Eat many small meals to avoid feeling an empty tummy during sleep hours.