Saturday, 13 June, 2009

What are pregnancy cravings and 3 ways to substitute them

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It is said that almost every expectant mother has a craving for one or two foods during her pregnancy. A pregnant women craving for ice-creams, pizzas or cheese fillings during the mid of the night or early dawn don't seem rational, isn't it? But you got to live with one to believe the fact!

First understand why the cravings take place:

These yearnings are just a part of carrying a baby in your womb. It is stated that the taste or smell of the mother to be is linked through the powerful impact of the hormonal changes in the body, and that cravings vary from person to person.

Some experts have their say on what the cravings could indicate:

Iron deficiency - cigar butts, laundry starch, ice, mud are some of the carvings which surprisingly don't even contain significant amounts of iron. Ice is consumed a lot by women, as reported.

Vitamin B shortage - chocolate!

Protein - red meat.

Some say, the body just responds to nutritional requirements, while some deny it. Yet one shouldn't neglect the body's cravings and try substituting the healthy ones to the non-healthy ones.

3 ways to keep cravings in check:

Start your day with a healthy breakfast consisting of a toast with jam, fresh fruits, a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice and yogurt.

Exercising can help you go easy on your hunger and distract your cravings.

Remember if you are depressed, you turn to food, and this could instigate the cravings of pregnant-hood. Gain yourself some emotional support where you would feel loved and cared for and this will help to keep mood swings in check.

A few more posts, and then i'll elaborate the different types of usual and unusual, food and non-food cravings, including some added substitutes.


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