Sunday, 28 June, 2009

Preparing for natural childbirth- part 1

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It's a good decision if you are intending a natural childbirth because it does have its advantages in the course of time. The first thing is to eradicate the fear within you and elevate your confidence level to enjoy in the preparation for the new arrival of joy. Your confidence also heightens your chances of birthing positively and successfully. Am sure the tips below will come of some use to you (this is part 1, part 2 coming up in a few days...)

Now depends where you want to give birth, which you would want to allow your delivery to be taken care of, a doctor or midwife. Many women in the past and even till today have been positive with the natural birth because they have experienced watching many deliveries in front of their eyes. They were aware of how much pain a women goes through, and that the pain and process doesn't last forever. They never even needed any lessons or knowledge because they saw natural birth take place in front of their eyes and they were very much witness of each happening at every state of the whole birth. They were so accustomed to natural births that all they needed was their family members and a midwife to carry out the birth at home itself.

These days, in the recent centuries, women opt for a hospital rather than a home delivery because of they belief in doctors that they can carry out the delivery safely. But despite your belief in your doc, women must be enlightened by educational birth tips and techniques. Though the doctor will carry out the whole procedure but it's the women who have to go through the labor.

So, whether or not you plan for a home, birth center or hospital, it’s equally important to engage in birth classes these days. As women utilize their complete mental and physical abilities during labor, these childbirth classes educate you to new breathing and coping techniques which eventually creates a positive impact on how your body responds during labor and proves beneficial during the time. This improves your chances of a comfortable and successful labor.

You can have the medication-free birth at a hospital but the experience of natural labor would be easier if you were at home right? This is when a birth center would come as a good option where you can get home-like atmosphere and support.

If you opt for natural labor at a hospital then you should discuss your preferences with your caretaker or doctor. Find out if you are required to have an IV and electronic monitoring and how would you get around it.

If the medical interventions are not acceptable to you, you may want a home birth or hire a midwife who would remain with you throughout your labor. These people are trained to help you cope with the medication free labor.


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