Monday, 15 June, 2009

Know the symptoms of the swine flu or H1h1 virus

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Even the monuments are playing it safe. Photo: Cristiano Oliveira, Twitpic
Courtesy: BBC News

The Swine flu is creating havoc around the world.. its here and there, and everywhere. But as a mother and wife, you could prevent this virus known as swine flu and H1N1 virus, from affecting your family and others by understanding the symptoms asap.

This type of flu being new no-one is expected to be immune, so be more alert parents/spouses/loved ones. There could be serious complications unlike ordinary flu, which could cause off and on pneumonia. Get your kids and yourself checked by a doctor should you find any of the symptoms like fever, cough, cold, headaches, fatigue, chills and sore throat occurring at your home. Pregnant moms and kids are at higher risk even through the ordinary flu, so frequent doctors check ups are necessary to assure everything all right.

These are serious symptoms which should be checked by your doctor as soon as noticed

In a child:
less or refusal of fluid intake
not interacting
color changes to blueish
fever and cough, off and on
breathing fast
unable to wake up
irritable child
fever with rashes
flu like symptoms improve but return, being severe

In an adult:
difficulty in breathing
abdominal pains
perplexed state
chest pains


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