Thursday, 11 June, 2009

Causes for itching during pregnancy and how to avoid or relieve it

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During pregnancy, there are a lot of reasons the skin tends to get itchy and irritable and mostly due to the hormonal changes the body undergoes which is believed as very common. Though the discomfort is temporary, but this shouldn't be taken lightly and one should check for other significations.

You will find the itching around the stomach and breast area in most women but could variate. Some women find their palms and feet itching like mad and this is caused due to an increase in estrogen which will eventually fade away post the delivery.

The itching may also persist and turn intense around the third trimester and this is caused by a condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.

Besides, the women who have already had eczema are likely to get worse during pregnancy while some women may have eczema for the first time during pregnancy.

How to avoid or give yourself relief from the itching:

Avoid hot showers as this could dry up the skin making the itching worse. Use a mild soap, rinse of the soap thoroughly and while you dry yourself with a soft towel.
Avoid scented powers or moisturizers. Wear light cotton clothes and avoid the strong rays of the harsh sun.

To get relief from the itching the first step is to never scratch at all or that will furthermore irritate the area! An oatmeal bath, cocoa butter or a dabbing of calamine lotion straight out of the fridge should work wonders for you.

Always check with your doctor. You and your doctor know best :-)


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