Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

Submitting your site to web directories

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When i had created this blog site i had to begin submission to web directories for inclusion of this site. If i hadn't, probably Google would ever know my blog existed and wouldn't index my site. This is how i get all my visitors here who either search for keywords like pregnancy, parenting, childbirth, kids, etc... Though i haven't linked my blog site to other sites, it still ranked pr2 which means indexing of ones site is very very important.

A web directory lists web sites by category and subcategory based of the whole web site rather than just keywords or individual pages.

Newbie's who enter into the web world have lots to tell the world, they create web sites, publish a whole lot of content but don't submit to search engines or web directories for their sites to get indexed by those search engines. When a site owner completes building his/her site it's very necessary for them to submit their site to a free web directory because that's how one would gain traffic/visitors to his/her page. Who would know your blog does exist if you don't take the final step? They would be oblivious to your wonderful content and that for sure would make you wonder, because its obvious you may want to share your ideas, opinions and perceptions to the world. So come on, do the needful and submit to DMOZ where your sites finds it's way with the links of the same or other categories. The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources. This web directory is somewhat related to a huge reference library, hierarchically arranged by subject. Before they include your site into the directory it's evaluated by the community of volunteer editors. To submit to the Open directory you may want to read the instructions before submitting your site to save you from further hassles and confusions.

The other directories you could submit to is the Yahoo directory and the Jasmine directory