Monday, 6 April, 2009

New collection of toys and barbie dolls for kids/adults

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Welcome to Barbie dolls 50th collection, just arrived for all the lovely young ladies out there waiting to take barbie in her hands and play with her. Here are the newest collections and best sellers which already looks so attractive, and this range isn't that expensive, yet so wonderful for adults to keep as collectibles.

Barbie Alice in Wonderland
AUD $45.00
For the barbie in wonderland, you and your kid get to experience the extraordinary world of Wonderland through barbie herself! The doll set captures the timeless whimsy of the beloved tale of Alice’s adventures through a topsy-turvy world and the colorful cast of characters she meets along the way. This beautiful Barbie doll wears a blue ruffled dress and comes with that magically smiling sidekick, Cheshire Cat.

Barbie Empress of the Golden Blossom
AUD $199.00
Wow, now you two mother-daughter duo get to accompany the Empress of the Empress of Asia, the Golden Blossom Empress. The doll wears an opulent gown of pink and golden brocade, inspired by a glorious fantasy of exotic Chinese costume. The noble peony motif is elegantly featured in the lush fabrics. A golden headpiece crowns the intricate hairdo, decorated with lovely faux flowers and birds.

Barbie Marilyn Monroe
AUD $69.00
Do you want our very own Marilyn Monroe to be a part of yours and your daughters toy collection? She is the latest debutant doll in the Blonde Ambition Collection, a series celebrating the blondes we all love and admire. The doll wears a flawless golden gown inspired by one created for her by American costume designer William Travilla. This doll looks like the kid version of our sophisticated, stylish and sexy Marilyn Monroe!

Barbie - Wonder Woman
AUD $55.00
This barbie, comes as the wonder women in her signature costume with fabulous accessories including a "golden" lariat, headband, arm cuffs, red boots, and a red, white, and blue cape. Just look at that perfect heroic pose!

Now do you already want to get your hands on those dolls? Don't wait for a special occasion to gift one to yourself, just go to their website and buy those doll idols. Every doll is going to fascinate you and your child and sweep you off the floor, and remember there is always a reason to celebrate with your kids!