Friday, 20 March, 2009

Caffeine intake in limits is okay for breastfeeding moms

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Drinking caffeine in huge amounts during the period of breastfeeding is highly disapproved because the caffeine enters into your blood stream and usually at least 1%, ends up into your breast milk and could have a diverse effect on the infant.

Too much of coffee intake tends to cause irritation, agitation and sleep problems, but as long as the amount is in limits, and as long as the baby's behaviors is in check, its fine for breastfeeding moms to drink just about two/three cups daily.

All babies are different so if your baby shows signs of botheration during even limited intakes, cut it out for a while. Your baby's health is important, as yours :)

Common foods and beverages that contain caffeine include: coffee, Tea, Some soft drinks, Chocolate, Coffee-flavored products such as yogurt and ice cream, Chocolate syrup, Hot cocoa etc.. also shows up in herbal products and medicines. Exercise caution and all is fine :)