Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

How to train a dog for the new babys arrival to the house

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Ive written about preparing the new baby sibling for its home coming, and here is another one about how you should baby proof your dog! aha.. i know when a new members arrives in the family humans are not the only little jealous or too inquisitive over a tiny moving body. Even pets are as curious, and for that matter the most curious is a pet dog. :-)

Some dogs love their masters to death, and the masters love them too. They allow their pets to sleep on their beds, eat meals with them so how would the dog react and what must be done before-hand to ensure a safe household for baby. Especially if its your first baby.

1.A few months before baby's arrival, the training for new rules and routine for the dog should begin. Set up a quite place for the dog in a corner, put in his favorite items like his bone, his dish etc.. this for him to get used to retreating into quietness, when baby cries could get his attention.

2.Some dogs get too playful with their master and can be too rough, but when baby's to arrive, some precaution has to be taken. If your dog is already familiar with your common commands, fine tune him to obey not to jump, scratch, bite, chew on, etc etc..

3.Rewards are acceptable provided its done only for the dogs good behavior, especially around the baby. This way he understands between what he appreciated for and what he is not.

4.Check the dogs for fleas or any insects and if he is infected, treat him immediately! Also keep checking the dog is free of fleas even while the baby is in the home.

When the baby's home-

1.Involved your dog in experiences with the baby, like playing games with a ball. Maintain the level of interaction between them, and never leave them unattended or alone.

2. Don't make a fuss with the dog where baby is concerned, but also don't ignore or your dog will get furious!

A full effort to train dogs should be made by the expectant parents so that the dog can adapts easily and will react positively towards the new member.


Cheryl said...

Thank you for providing such good information. All too often once the baby comes the dog is taken to the shelter simply because the owners couldn't be bothered to take the time to prepare the animal for the new baby.

bbrian017 said...

This is far to cute! Great advice for anyone having pets and expecting a new baby!

Cute picture that's for sure!

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