Monday, 16 June, 2008

Tips for choosing the right name for baby

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A pregnant mother always has a working mind about shopping for essentials and clothes for baby's coming, also never forgetting the baby name. In fact the name is one of the most important requirements in a persons life. The little one will have the precious gift from mom and dad throughout his life, he'll be identified by his name while in a crowd or anywhere. As a parent, your decisions matters as the baby wont be there to name himself. I took 9 months to name my baby 'Alisha' go here BABY ALISHA to know more about her. click on the label 'baby Alisha'

Unique names
Remember that his name will make him stand out in a crowd. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. He will easily be recognised when he is being called. At the same time, rare and complicated names have immense potential for misunderstandings and mistaken pronunciations. Teachers and caregivers may unintentionally mangle your child's name if they have difficulty speaking it aloud.

At the same time a very common name could be frustrating for the child as he grows. It gets very frustrating for a school goer to be be called the same name as several other schoolmates at school.

A good tip is to go for a blend of rare and common names. If you have a common surname, consider giving your child a slightly unusual name to make it easier for him in school and later on, at the workplace. On the other hand, if your surname is uncommon, give your child a reasonably well known name

Consider numerology as one of the most trendy and common ways of naming a child now a days. We see many film actors/actress's adding a letter or two into their names and they believe it helps them achieve a better life! and its works, mind you!

Traditions/Family history
Does your family have any traditions that you wish to follow, such as naming the first born male after the father or paternal grandfather? You can also look further back in your family tree to find a name. Or just choose a name from your ethnic or cultural heritage. If you have to use a family name that you really aren't happy with, then consider using it as a middle name or as just an initial.

If you want a nickname for baby while the first name will be something else, try finding a name from which the nickname can be derived, from the first name itself. I nicknamed my younger sister Mandy, while her good(first) name is Amanda.

Associations and popular names
If you name your child a very popular name or names that you or someone in your family is pretty associated with, like the movie stars, barbie(dolls name) etc; maybe the name was/is in vogue, but remember the name might fade away with time. And most importantly, these associations with not create the same traits in your baby.

Lastly name your baby what you want, not what others want. You are the parents and you have rights to choose the best name you think of.

All the best for choosing the right and perfect name, for your baby. Look out for a complete list of baby names soon!