Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

Prepare siblings for babys home bringing

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Your preparing for the new born baby and excitement knows no bounds at your home, even the other kids are excited a new baby will enter the family. But that's only till the baby arrives as once the siblings feel all the attention is towards the new baby and less for themselves, they are bound to get jealous and its quite a normal feeling. They may also become more demanding, disruptive, or aggressive and may regress in many of their behaviors, including not wanting to use the potty anymore, using baby talk or having frequent temper tantrums. Below are some tips to help prevent this sibling rivalry.

During the pregnancy months:
Teach them(the older siblings) that a baby is growing inside of you and about to come home very soon, once the tummy is showing. Involve them to prepare for baby home coming like allowing them to choose their own colors and choice while shopping for the baby's new room, cloths for baby, toys and new born needs. and this will make them feel that also have a role in the new baby's life and this will ease the transition of having a sibling at home to share your attention.

Towards delivery
To minimize the jealously that a sibling may feel towards a new baby, try to not make too many other changes in your children's routine close to the delivery. If you are going to move your child out of a crib and into a bed, into another room, or into a new day care, it would be better to do it well before the new baby is born. Your child may otherwise feel displaced by the baby and feel resentment towards him. Also, don't try and teach your child new skills, such as potty training, close to the delivery date, and expect regression of already mastered skills.

Continue to talk about the pregnancy as it progresses and prepare for your children for the delivery. Consider allowing him to visit the hospital or attend sibling classes if they are available.

While in the hospital
Call your other children frequently while you are in the hospital and if possible, allow them to visit you once the baby is born, or if that is not possible, send them a picture.

When you come home
When you finally do come home, try and have someone else carry the baby inside or at least hand him to someone else, and then spend some time with your other children. You may also consider buying a special gift that you can give to your children from the baby.
Continue to spend special time with your other children and remind visitors to pay attention to siblings and not just to the new baby and include the siblings in pictures and other activities.

The new baby's first months
Your other children may feel neglected as the new baby demands a lot of your time. You can help this by spending time alone with your other children each day, allowing them to help with simple tasks such as getting a new diaper or toy, and encouraging them to touch and play with the new baby.
You should also accept any regression in your children's behaviors and supervise all contact so that he can't harm the baby.