Monday, 9 June, 2008

Sex Determination in India

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In India it is against the laws to undergo a gender determination test and this is because some people find out the gender of the baby within the womb and on knowing it’s a female, either abort the child or use some other means to kill the fetus. It’s tremendously horrifying to hear these things daily, but I do read them time and time again in the news papers and on TV. Because of the lack of education and knowledge about sex in the people of rural India, often land up reproducing more and more children in the hopes of a male offspring, who could help towards income, also he would be the one to carry on the family title. A female is often unwanted as she is cast as a burden that would be dependent on her family for everything, so to avoid the responsibility of her expenditure and marriage the parents kill their female child at birth itself by throwing them away in some isolated area or drowning them. Middle class people despite being educated and aware, still try to find out the gender and either celebrate or go on a killing/abortion spree. An abortion is legal here, but an abortion is meant to terminate the fetus in critical conditions, and not meant to kill a child! This heinous crime should be stopped immediately!

Infant the gov has now put lots of laws into action to prevent this type of crime. Boards are put up at every maternity clinic, strictly mentioning that the gender determination is a crime, and punishment will be severe. If you go for an ultrasonagraphy you musn’t even ask the doctor about the gender, which I was exactly aware of and didn’t dare to know what the gender of my child, was. It didn’t even mater so much if my child was a male or female... But god blessed me with both!