Sunday, 8 June, 2008

Raising happy kids

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Brats are not born, they’re made. Be more caring and attentive towards your kiddo right from the start, you can ensure your kiddo is happy and cheerful this way- most of the times, at least!

Don’t play their hands: kids tend to test the limits their parents set for them but
A good parent knows when to give up and when to give in.

B a role model to your kids: eating healthy yourself will ensure your kid has eating healthy habits too.

Find the Root cause of behavior: sometimes your child can behave in a peculiar manner, caused by a genuine problem. Punishment is not always the solution. If you find your child hesitating to go to school, check out if there’s a problem the kids trying to escape from eg: homework not done etc

Praise good behavior: don’t take their goodness for granted. Make it seem noticed by you instead because parenting approval is so necessary for kids.

Find practical solutions to problems: hide away snacks for kids that crave trash! Child lock the TV, hide the remote and change computer passwords, to deal with cough potatoes and net surfers.

Earning good times is encouraging: strike a fair bargain with them, if they tidied their room or put back the clothes, let them have 15 mins more of caroms.

Be a friend: a young ones world is full of anxieties than one can imagine. Talk out their
Worries and this gives them an outlet and helps them gain a more receptive frame of mind.