Tuesday, 12 May, 2009

Know about your babys movements and how to keep track on them

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Movements of your infant in your womb can’t compare to most of the excitement before this moment but there some important things you need to know regarding the movements and your baby's safety.

Movements are not likely to be felt until 16 to 22 weeks of your pregnancy. Even though the fetal has been moving earlier you would notice it only if you’ve had an ultra sound.

Some women feel like popcorn popping, or a jumping goldfish or butterflies fluttering. The movements are most likely to be noticed while lying down or sitting still and not until it’s on a regular basis, as earlier, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate gas, hunger pangs from real movement of the baby.

Beginning the kicks wouldn’t be definite. Some days there couldn’t be movements quicker or slighter, while some days are even unnoticeable but even though the kicks are there. The second trimester would be way easier for you to tell as they get stronger and regular.

Understand that all women are different, so are the patterns of movements or activity of their babies. If your baby’s movements differ from theirs it’s not necessary that there could be a problem. A long as, there is not too much difference in your own baby’s pattern of movements, don’t worry he's just doing fine.

Keeping track of the kicking and movements are recommended, and if there is any movement which comes under curiosity then you should consult your doctor and also carry out some tests to check out the baby’s condition.

Its also recommended to check baby’s counts while in the third trimester. Choose a time, the baby’s activity is most at a certain time daily. If you do notice any difference in the kicks don’t hesitate to call your doctor, anytime.


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