Monday, 4 May, 2009

How to treat bee stings and human bites on kids

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You know, animals are a kids best friend.. regardless of the animal the kid as Innocent as it is would love to pet and get too close to animals. The risks can be when a kid encounters a harmful animal like a bee, don't kids love catching butterflies? also, you go to the park and there's some dog comes running to target your kid. Here's a few tips to take some precaution or once the kids affected, the treatments below will do just fine.

human bites: This bite could be equal to a dog or cats bite because of the bacteria from the mouth can be infectious and risky. wash the area with mild soap and water. If the skin is torn, wash gently with mild soap and water and bandage it with a gauze pad. If its bleeding, use a clean, dry cloth and press on the wound, to elevate it. call your doctor in case of excess bleeding or if its appears serious. He might have to stitch the wound but this could cause a higher risk of infection. Or else he might prescribe antibiotics or a tetanus booster shot to prevent infection. In the event that your child has a sever allergic reaction to a bee sting and you are visiting an emergency care facility be sure to check with your insurance carrier in advance of your visit so as to be sure your insurance covers the full cost. Sometimes cheap health insurance policies require advance notification or they will not cover medical treatment.

Bee stings: bee stings are painful and is likely to cause redness, swelling and itching to the skin. The treatment would depends on how worse the condition is. So check for stingers and if in the skin, remove them immediately and wash the area with soap and water. Check for allergic reactions. Apply ice wrapped inside a clothes for 20 minutes every hour on the wound, this would cause great relief. Consult for doctor is reactions worsen.

Insect bites- insect bites, common things in children as they are likely to affected with during the summer and spring seasons. Below, are treatments for various insect bites.

Mosquito sites: mosquito bites are harmful, we all know that. As adults we can somehow manage to protect ourselves from these tiny insects, but kid esp babies, are eaten alive as soon as the skin is exposed to the mosquitoes. Protect your kids and babies by using an effective mosquito repellent at home. If in case, your child is affected by the bites, it appears red and swollen. Wash off the areas with cold water.

You can apply garlic, home made calamine lotion, salt, aloe vera, lemon juice, white vinegar.

These symptoms call for medical attention: breathing problems, weakness or unconsciousness, itching and hives, swelling near the delicate areas.

Ant bites: Take a pinch of salt and rub into the skin!