Friday, 11 July, 2008

babys milestones, development on month 1

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First of all, Milestones according to me are once your baby has stepped on or accomplished a new development, though all babies are not the same and we must expect variations between all babies.

By the end of month one:
Your baby's still adjusting to the world outside its once cozy home, your womb. She needs constant love, care and warmth to build a stronger bond between a mother and child.

Physical/motor development:
If you noticed your baby's neck wasn't firm and you needed to hold her head and neck at every step of caring for her. Now your baby's neck muscles will began to get stronger and she will be able to hold her head up for few seconds or more while on her stomach, while trying to roll from side to side. While in her baby carrier, your baby may try to lift her head, provided there be some support near the portion of her neck.

She may begin to respond to familiar sounds like music, your voice which will also soothe her in times of insecurity.
She'll Begin to notice two tiny hands sicking out of her body, that's because she had no clue there were hers throughout. She may want to put her fingers into her mouth or stare at them.

Baby's sleep pattern:
She will be keeping awake more during the day and sleeping for longer hours during the night, unlike when she was a newborn. Some babies, when their nights sleep is complete.. they wake up for a two/three hours, playtime!! Visit Baby Alisha's page to learn about a very cute and naughty baby ;)

Baby's feeds:
Feeds on breast milk or formula.. feeds increase as shes growing. She should be a strictly fed on breast/formula milk for at least 3 to 6 months.. remember 'breast milk is best'

Baby's playtime and games to play:
1.While shes in the mood for a game of noddy.. like while she staring at you, nod your head from side to side across her face, she will try to track the movements while you do so.
As babies see everything in black and while, keep some more black and white contrast objects near her and she'll be busy staring away.

2.Put her hands on her head and ask her "where's the baby's hands gone?" in an attempt to show her that those hands are only hers and she will respond back by a coo or a gurgle ;)