Tuesday, 1 July, 2008

7 main benefits of breast feeding

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'Breast milk is best for your baby'. You may have heard this several times and you realize it is important for baby and should be strictly followed. But you also need to know while baby benefits from breast milk much much more than a formula drinking baby, it is also beneficial to you, the mother!

1. It is rich in nutrients.

2. Helps fight infections while protecting your baby.

3. Prevents your baby from allergies.

4. No need for washing bottles, preparing formula while baby howls away and those milk spilling messy days.

5. Helps the contraction of the uterus which stretches during the delivery, back to normal.

6. Menstruation delay is also common in breast feeding mothers.

7. Helps build a stronger bond between you and baby.

Mother contented, baby contented.. what could be better sight than a happy, mother baby duo? :)

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