Saturday, 29 March, 2008

Tips to stop a baby from crying

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You've tried everything possible, rocking, cuddling, singing, walking but nothing seems to interest your baby. Now what? you are already so tired and frustrated, you could yell your lungs out! But hey wait.. Babies tend to get moody and bored just like adults! They need that constant attention/checking or something to divert their minds..

Always keep in mind these tips below

Isn't it normal for babies to cry?
Of course it is normal. They also need to say something, don't they? Its their way of communication, they need you to understand them but sometimes parents don't understand their babies needs, and things get worse.

He may need you to check his basic needs
He maybe hungry so try giving him a feed. That dint work then he could of messed his diapers, check that out from time to time as babies hate being soiled and wet. He could have been overfed, burp him. Put him on your lap or shoulder and slightly rub his tender back. There could be the possibility of illness.. call your doctor for advice.

Try something different to divert baby's mind
Go out in your garden and point out to the birds, trees and anything that attracts his attention. Imitate the sounds of the birds and other animals for him, while making faces. Put on your TV(any kids channel), some amusing music, you hairdryer or the vacuum would work the best. Let him hear the noises and he'll start to wonder what on earth is that?

Leave him alone for a while once you checked on all his basic needs
Sometimes babies need times for themselves, they need to discover their own world. Leave baby cushioned alone in a safe place and attend to the chores near him. Maybe he'll cry for a while and stop but don't forget to keep checking him every five minutes.

Baby should be amused by now.. you've done everything possible to quieten him and you deserve his laughs. Why not play peekaboo with him?? My baby loves this game:)


MitraD said...

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nisha said...

Hi mitra.. thanks for the comment! this is my second blog, the first is at hope you will like the blog:)

TwicebabiesMom said...

That was a good article. The things you write about are 2x worse with me. My twins want my full attention, all day long. They love being loved and want me to hug, hold, kiss them and play with them all, day, long. But, you already know this from reading my blog.

God Bless!

nisha said...

Thanks twicebabesmom.. i can understand whats caring for twins.. not one but two! anyways my two kids aged 7 and 18mths are=10 kids.. hehehe

Hope you can stop by often:)

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Anon said...

Thank for the tips