Monday, 17 March, 2008

helping dads to bond with babies/kids

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Often it was the dad who missed out fun times with theirs kids but now a days dads are more reluctant to spend more and more times with them.They are realizing the importance of interacting and bonding with their it a child's nursery event or a soccer game, they are rushing to be with their kids on the special days.

It was in the past that excited fathers waited anxiously for the birth of their children but dint have much to do except attending classes with the pregnant mother or getting ready the babys nursery.They hardly involved themselves with the baby excpet whern the child was old enough to interact with them.It was entirely up to the mother to care for the baby but days are changing and fathers are more than ready to help out with caring for baby, changing dipers, helping the new mom to bath baby and just ready to do anything for the new born who just stares away at the anxious and excited dad.

Some quick tips for early bonding include:
Changing diapers and clothes - have fun with it and talk to your baby as you are doing it! Hearing your voice and laughter will help with bring you and your baby closer.
Playing with your baby. I like playing peek-a-boo with my new son. You would think he would get tired of it, but he would love it if I do it all day!
Get involved in the feeding process, you may need to wait a bit if your wife is breastfeeding though
Even young babies like to hear your voice, if you don’t like singing songs (’rock-a-by’ ‘hush-little-baby’ etc), reading short stories are another idea.
As they start becoming older start to open up and develop your ‘inner child’ around him or her and be involved in thier play and learning


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