Saturday, 30 July, 2011

Europe's finest; Vienna food and Zurich art

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Anytime of the year calls for a holiday! Families love vacationing in places that can allow them to experience what they don't and cant in their own countries and homelands. This year why not plan to vacation with your family in the cool capital of Vienna? If you haven't yet planned, do take out some time and visit their website which has details on what one can experience on your holiday to places like Vienna, Zurich, and Amsterdam. What caught my attention was the food and art which is my two mains interests and something i would really like to indulge in when i'm out in a different place holidaying with my family. Zurich Art, they say has a lot of museums displaying objects of the highest quality for art lovers who visit. Did you know opera and balled is considered an art form? Well the opera house, a common entertainment joint for years is one of Europe's leading balled stages. Want to know more about art zurich? Visit

Also would like to mention food is another interest arouses the wants and needs of a holiday to diverse places. If you might happen to visit Vienna, there is much talk about vienna restaurants and its indulgences. A giant wine bottle chandelier made by the Viennese glassware manufacturer Lobmeyr can be seen at one of the restaurants!