Wednesday, 1 July, 2009

Dr Fisher2- Makeover for parents, teens and women

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There is a lot of talk going on about plastic surgeons who excel in gifting make-overs to a person. When i talk about this the late Michael Jackson comes to mind and i feel saddened by his sad demise. The pop stars kids too come to mind and especially the dangling of the baby from his balcony. I thought people make a huge issue about it because he was a humble man and always cared for his fans. He was a parent too, a father who was just exhibiting his infant to his fans down his balcony. Now it was the medias job to ridicule a parent careless and clumsy, and they did it with ease!

I feel all those allegation drove the pop star to keep transforming himself from his original image to what he had become. Had the pop star been under the observation for his treatments and surgeries by a surgeon with expertise, he wouldn't have to go through such a painful journey of life and finally such a grief stricken death. So, if there is anyone wanting to do a make-over, then visit the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Doctor Fisher. He is extremely proud that he was chosen as the very first surgeon to inaugurate the concept of reality plastic surgery television shows. As the series was initially developed, no one anticipated the enormous success of the concept, and that other spin off network shows would follow suit.